Problem writing to a file

When I write to a text file, it puts this character
 in place of a new line. Here is the script I'm using

$comments = $formdata{$key};

  || &ErrorMessage;
foreach $key (sort keys(%formdata)) {
      print LOG "$formdata{$key}\n";

Can someone help me get rid of it?
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you might try to change \n to \r\n if you would like ms-dos style line-ends...

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What character is it putting in?
kch011099Author Commented:
It is putting in a box-like character in place of a new line.
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I can't explain why it is adding the character, but you should be able to determine what character it is by:
print(ord(substr($line, startingpos,1)));

You can then strip that character from the file, or the line that you are writing.  
$formdata{$key} =~ s/\015//;

This removes the character (Octal value)
This is kind a strange... What priviliges has been granted for execution of the script ? Most common is chmod 755.... I do not think this is going to help you out, just checking for at stupid error (Been there, done that) :)

kch011099Author Commented:
I have all three boxes checked under execute, read, and write.

This is actually really strange because I am using this exact same script for another site and it works flawlessly.
KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
As monas said, but in reverse, is you  use \r\n in NT, you will get that "illegal" character. Try switching between the 2 (\n and \r\n). I am very sure this is the problem cause I have had it before.
kch011099Author Commented:
Thank you everyone. The \r did the trick. It was the \n that was creating the box character, so I just got rid of it and used only \r.  
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