36000 Connection Speed ????

I have a US Robotics Internal 56k PCI Modem which i bought recently.

While this workes fine on my fother's computer giving speeds up to 47000, on my computer at my house it only connects at 36000. I have tried everything!!! Drivers etc. other modems i have tryed connect at 47000 at my house.

I have a Tyan BX motherboard with Ami Bios, PII 256 Mb ram , Viper 770 Ultra and SB Live Sound.
Help is appreciated.
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Have your local phone company do a static swep of your phone line it may help. They do it for free from there office. If that doesn't help it may be your phone line will not allow a higher conection speed. Your modem will connect as fast as your phone line will allow.
Do you and your father connect to the same service?  USR uses X2/v.90 and the others you havemay be flex.  Therefore you may need to use a different phone # at your home than you are currently using.
Try a different modem in your computer if you can.  Sounds like a flakey modem.  Try a different PCI slot as well - it may move the modem out of some internal RFI.
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Sounds more like bad cabling or connections to me unless you have confirmed higher modem speeds from the same location with the same computer.

Check the phone line cabling and outlets.  Also phone jack in modem. Test the phone cable between your modem and the phone socket on your father's machine for reduction in modem performance.  

Check your computer / modem hookup from the same location as your father's.

Remove and reseat phone jack in modem ( the small wires may not seat properly when a jack is plugged in)and reseat modem board in socket to eliminate any potential poor connections in your computer.

USR is generally good. Have had cases of poor software several years ago.
Fetch: http://WWW.56K.COM,

and read "Troubleshooting Guide" and "Help for slow connects", for lots of detail on fixing your problem.

Since you're getting '36000' (not '33600'), you are getting an 'X2' or a 'V.90' connection to the ISP.  So, it's not(!) a problem of the ISP's support for X2/V.90 protocols.

Are you sure that you are getting '47000'?  My USR modem reports '46333' or '48000', but *never* '47000'.
marios69Author Commented:
Thanks to all for the support.

I have tried all but no success!!

I have two lines at my house both of which give the same results. Also, i have tried two other modems here, an Aztech giving speeds of 46000 and a SupraMax giving 46666 speeds.

As far as the speed of 47000 it is an average. At my fothers computer i always got from 45333 to 47666 or something like that.

Could it be an incompatibility of the motherboard with the modem? Or a setting in the Bios (Ami Bios on the Tyan BX)?
Comment 2
Problem: Computer connection works only at 36000.  Tests using other computer and robotics from the same home phone jack get 47,000.  

Wiring was confirmed OK by:
A. Using different Phone Lines
B. Checking the phone jumper wire between the computer and wall jack.
B. By testing your computer from your father's room location.

Next, try a different ISP Provider phone number that supports you robotics modem to isolate the problem from your ISP provider. Check your ISP website for other phone connection numbers

You have probably isolated the problem to your computer.  Especially since you have tried 2 other modems in your computer that work at 45,000+.

US Robotics Internal 56k PCI Modem is made by 3com.  Go to the following websites for support:

http://3kb.usr.com/modemindex2.html  Knowledge base

One of the knowledge base websites has a user friendly diagnostics including BBB modem test setup.  Use help on each page to help you set up for BBB test or help. It will also help you confirm the proper settings.

Confirm you have the latest software and download any updates.  
Your Motherboard is probably one of the following BX boards.

Your Motherboard support service is:

Tyan Web Site      http://www.tyan.com/ 
steveh@tyan.com (USA)lhchung@imail.net.tw (Taiwan)techsupport@tyan.com (Tech Support))
FTP/HTTP Downloads ftp.tyan.com 
Confirm you have the latest information and check for any changes.
(510) 651-8868 (Telephone USA)
(510) 651-7688 (Fax USA)
(510) 440-8808 (Support USA)
(510) 659-8288 (Support Fax USA)

If the 3com selp help knowledgebase help does not provide you with a solution do the following:

E-mail a message to both 3com and your motherboard vender.

Ask if they have had any low connection speeds with your motherboard / US Robotics connection.

Provide the following information:
Tyan BX motherboard with Ami Bios,
PII 256 Mb ram ,
Viper 770 Ultra
SB Live Sound

US Robotics Internal 56k PCI Modem
(Provide product # The knowledge base will help your identify the product code or tell you how to download a bit of code to identify the product code).

Provide software rev # from diskette.

Note that you have confirmed the above following checks to save the support people time and for them to properly help you:

Feel free to copy this message and send to 3com and Tyan for a confirmation of any potential compatibility problems.

ADD a confirmation that you checked the 3com site knowledge base and have the latest software.

Good luck and let us know how things work out.

As I've always told people asking about their connection speed, it doesn't matter that much at all. What matters *MOST* is the *SUSTAINED SPEED*. And that during the entire connection, that no data packet has been resent too many times. But in anycase, let's find out how you can check this for yourself.

To see the last speed (w/c is most likely the sustained speed) used by your modem, you need to go and use a terminal software to check it. USR modems have a connection diagnostics feature (LAST connection diagnostics in your case), and the command is ATI6. But under your current setup, you can't see this as WINDOWS always clears the modem's memory by issuing an ATZ or a hardware reset command. In order to prevent WINDOWS from clearing the modem's memory, you need to enter system registry. Do this by pressing START button, then choosing RUN command, and on the pop up window that will appear, type regedit.

Registry Editor will appear next. And this is divided into two windows. On the left pane, expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch by left clicking on the + sign on it's left. Now go down and find the SYSTEM branch and expand it also. Expand CURRENTCONTROLSET and under this, expand CLASS key, then under this, expand MODEM.

Under modem you will see 000x where x is a number 0-9. If you have multiple entries here, apply the changes to all of it. But for now, let's assume that you have only one entry and it's 0000. Highlight 0000 by left clicking on it. And some informations will appear on your right pane.

Find RESET and double click on it to modify it's value. And then on the popup window, replace whatever value it contains with only ATZ<cr>.

Now close REGEDIT. And connect to your ISP. Do some web browsing for 2 minutes. And disconnect. After disconnecting fire up HYPERTERMINAL and just press escape on the enter a name <blah blah>. And type in ATI6 followed by enter.

In this screen, you will see the details of your last connection.

Now, if after doing this, you saw in the report screen that indeed you have a slow connection, meaning it didn't shift UP, during the time you're connected, then it is line noise. Although the length of wire you use from your WALL jack to the OUTSIDE junction box of your telco, located outside your house contributes to poor connection, the impact isn't as significant as with having line noise, and other direct interferences on your modem wires. As for line noise, here's what I can tell you:


This is the most usual reason for modems not connecting or poor connection. It accounts for about 90% incident. And it happens w/o warning. Like I am using the modem right now, and then wham! Got disconnected, and my modem won't connect anymore. Coz I didn't know that the wirings got suddenly knawed at by some mice.

Line noise is caused by faulty premise wirings, off-hooked telephone equipments/extensions, dirty RJ11C contacts, old and worn out telephone wirings etc. Anything that will introduce signals other than the carriers themselves is considered noise. Sometimes, it comes from an appliance plugged in, like motorized appliances: aircon, fans, or noise generating appliances or things, like flourescent lights, TVs, amateur radio equipments, etc. For a complete list of interference causing equipments/machineries etc, contact FCC. :))


Check your premise wirings. If all is ok, check for other sources of interferences like the ones I mentioned above. Clean RJ11C wire contacts.

Outside your house, check the telco's line coming into your house.  

If everything has been checked, as far as line noise is concerned within your premises, and your premises proximity, call your telco if they are doing some cable maintenance within the same locality or central office (CO). Also, have them check your connections for any disturbances whatsoever.
> I have tried two other modems here, an Aztech giving speeds of 46000 and a SupraMax giving 46666 speeds.

This confirms that the wires inside your house, and the wires from your house to the telephone company's nearest "switch" are in good working order.

> Could it be an incompatibility of the motherboard with the modem?

Possibly.  Try taking your computer, not just your modem, to your father's house.  Or, swap modems with your father.  :-)
>Possibly.  Try taking your computer, not just your modem, to your father's house.  Or, swap modems with your father.  :-)

*OR* If the problem persists, try swapping house with your father. Hehehe...

Just kidding. I can't help it. :)))

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marios69Author Commented:

If you can't untie it cut it thats what Napoleon did!! he he

I took my fothers Azteck modem.

Its not as good and it disconnects all the time but its the only solution!

Thanks all for the support!!!
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