CPU's in TP7

i wrote a cd-player in Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 and it runs fine on 286's 386's 486's and Pentiums but when i try to run it on a Pentium 2 or 3 it gives me "Runtime error 200 at 07A4:0091." can anybody tell me why and give a solution to this problem?
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Within the crt unit, there's a calculation for the delay procedure. When you have a computer that's fast enough, a counting variable (with the size of a word) will overflow, wich causes the "Division by Zero" exception, e.g. "Runtime error 200".

In order to solve the problem you need to download and install a patch that will fix the crt unit for you.
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This question has been posted on EE a couple of times now, you could check out the answer to those old questions!
(I think it's the third time I answer a question similar to this one)

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DABOMBAuthor Commented:
thanks for answering so quickly... i looked through the subjects but did not find it. then i asked a friend here who said the same thing but since you had answered before him and i simply had not checked here yet you still get the points, easy points eh? :)
Hehehe... too easy points! :)

anyway... you should search for "division by zero" and you'll find some PAQ's about it. I just did, and found a couple. "division by zero" is the explaination you'll get from a "runtime error 200" in BP7.
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