ws_ftp to access linux RH6.0

I have problem to access to linux box from ws_ftp on windows 98 PC.
Keep giving me error message:
login failed
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What installation and version of linux?  Check your "/var/log/messages" file and report any related messages to your failed ftp attempt.  Also check "/var/log/secure".
Two problems come to mind:

  1)  you are trying to ftp as "root" and linux will not permit a login as the superuser from anywhere other than the syscon

  2)  the user account you are trying to use either does not exist or the password is incorrect.

My feeling is the first is most likely the problem.  Try using a normal user account for ftp.
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
None of cases apply to this problem.
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Try to telnet to port 21 on the linux box.... if you do not get a "connected to server, escape char is" message then you do not have the ftp server correctly installed/configured/running and we need to change this question appropriately.

If you do get the message then you should make sure that the shell you are using for the user you are trying to ftp in with is listed in /etc/shells (if you are using /bin/false, then you will need to add it to /etc/shells). Very often this step is overlooked.
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
I have tried "ftp"
and got error "can not open the"
Did I do things wrong or something else missing? Thanks.
Easy mistake, you just used the wrong program, try this:

telnet 21

and see what happens. If from windows telnet then you must change the port to ftp (21) in the "remote connection" box.

After trying this let me know what happens.

Another item to try that will also tell us pretty much the same thing is to:
a: grep ftp /etc/inetd.conf  (and paster the _exact_ reply in here.

b: rpm -qa | grep wu_ftpd and see if you get a response

You may want to try these as well and let me know.

ylisupraAuthor Commented:
The following is the things you wanted to know.

1. run the following command on qvt terminal emulator:
telnet ( ip port 21)
220 home FTP server (Version wu-2.4.2-VR17(1) Mon Apr 19 09:21:53 EDT 1999) ready.

2. Run in DOS:
telnet 21
The output is same as above.

3. grep ftp /etc/inetd.conf
ftp     stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  in.ftpd -l -a
# Tftp service is provided primarily for booting.  Most sites
tftp    dgram   udp     wait    root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  in.tftpd

4. rpm -qa | grep wu_ftpd

5. rpm -qa |grep ftp

Ok, that looks good.

now lets look at /etc/shells

grep <username you are trying to log in as> /etc/passwd

look at the last column (deliminated by colons), it will be something like /bin/bash or /bin/false.

now do this
grep <exactly what your shell is> /etc/shells

for example:
grep ebright /etc/passwd
ebright:x:500:500:Jim Ebright:/home/ebright:/bin/bash

grep /bin/bash /etc/shells

if your shell is not lisited you will not get any results when you grep /etc/shells, if this is the case then you need to edit /etc/shells and add a line for your shell. If your shell was /bin/false, then add /bin/false on a line by itself at the bottom of the file and then give it another try!

If this is not the case then we will want to verify the rpm and see what files have been modified or removed for wu_ftpd.

Please let me know what you find out after trying this.
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
grep david /etc/passwd

grep bash /etc/shells

I did not try rpm files verification yet. Please tell me the right procedures.
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
grep david /etc/passwd

grep bash /etc/shells

I did not try rpm files verification yet. Please tell me the right procedures.
if you can provide an actual FTP session from the machine by doing 'ftp -n localhost' and from the remote DOS machine.

if you can do it from localhost but not from DOS, that problem may be caused by tcpwrapper setup.
if you cannot do it from either of them, then the authentication scheme is not setup properly or some binary is corrupted.

As for rpm verfiy, simply type 'rpm' at command line, you will get a shorty help page containing the syntax you are looking for. More details, of course, can be found in 'man rpm'.

ylisupraAuthor Commented:
I found the answer myself.
1. /etc/hosts file must includes host name
2. mod. /etc/recolv.conf to take out "bind"
looks like when I started ws_ftp to connect to ftp server, some process could not complete name resolution.
Thanks all of you.
many FTP servers do reverse_DNS lookup to determine hostname of the incoming request. The DNS query will eventually times out if you are patient enough when doing FTP. so, either you
1) wait long on the client machine
2) fix your DNS lookup
      2.a) add /etc/hosts entry for hosts without DNS entry. This will not be necesary for those hosts who has valid DNS entry after you fixed your DNS resolving.
      2.b) fix your /etc/resolv.conf to do 'files dns' for hosts resolution.
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
Had solution already.
Thanks all.
your network is not configured. right.. you shoule always ping a new computer first.. and if you can and you still cant get ws ftp to work.. then you probubly dont have the port open..


wu_ftp is probubly not loaded and running.

metallica hacked your system looking for napster, metallica songs. and shut down your ftp server..


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