NT5 is already out there ?

As much as I know.. the only versions of win2000 are betas.
I saw places claiming that they have Win 2000 pro. final (you all know where on the web...) but I wonder, Is there already a final win 200 release ?
Is it international edition (I heard win 2000 will not need any local versions... unicode or somthing).
win 2000 is NT5 or is it based on Win98 ?
if it's NT5, can I upgrade from NT 4 ?
and one final question,
If anyone uses it, is it compatible totaly to NT4 plus ALL the multimedia advantages of Win98 (directX 6.1, USB etc...) ????

thanks ?
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Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
The RTM version is done and has been shipped to manufacturers (see http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/1999/dec99/W2KrtmPR.asp).  Anyways, there are a couple of versions floating about.  Let me say this, bulid 2195 is the final version.  There is a 120 day version.  This was released to beta testers via ntbeta.microsoft.com and to people who subscribe to MSDN.  The bulid that expires in 444 days was released to the internal MS beta testers.  The final retail version was locked down within Microsoft, that is, none of the beta testers had access to it.  Some group has released what's called the Compaq OEM release.  Supposedly, someone working for Compaq has leaked it.  Rumours abound, some said it requires a serial number, other's say it doesn't, some say the HAL has been modified specifically for Compaq, others say it hasn't, etc.  However, the final is done and will be released on Feb. 17, 2000

Windows 2000 *is* NT 5, with Windows 98 like features such as PnP, USB, Firewire, ACPI support, FAT32 support, etc.  I have been running it for a few months and the bulid I am running right now, 2195, is rock solid.  Only thing that's missing is OpenGL support and that should be available the the Feburary 17th date.

Used NT 4 briefly, not much you could do with it, at least at home.  Windows 2000 purrs on my Athlon 700 with 256 mbs.  Just a warning, it takes more horsepower to run than NT 4.0.  If you have the hardware, though, I think you will love it.

You can get all three versions from Microsoft.  See www.microsoft.com/directaccess.  You get all 3 versions for $129.  Professional alone will go for $220 (consumers that have Windows 98 will be able to get a $70 rebate, reducing the price to $149, but still, it's a steal).

Most of the versions floating about have had the LANG directory removed.  Not sure about International version per se.

Let me know if you have further questions.  The following hardware that I have works great under Windows 2000:

SB Live! Value
Action PCI 56k Call Waiting Modem
Savage 4 AGP card
Pioneer DVD-114 Drive
Panasonic CW-7502 CD-Writer

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Windows 2000

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