Exchange Server "booking" System

Hi folks,

i want to set up a 'booking' system using exhange server and outlook (98) with the following functionality:

we assume that the 'thing' to be booked, could be for example a meeting room.

an outlook/exchange user goes to create a new appoinmnet in their own calander.

the user goes to 'invite others' and chooses the meeting room from a container called "rooms"

on ok, gets the blue bar showing room availability and selects a time.

the meeting request shows up in the inbox of a 'meeting room custodian' who is able to accept or decline the meeting as appropriate.

full points for anyone who is able to provide step by step guide to implementing such.

additional points available for partial solutions.

thanks! :)
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I believe in using simple solutions where available.

MS Outlook already provides meeting planners through the calendar option.

I would create a mailbox for each meeting room and assign the mailbox to the custodian.  The custodian can add this mailbox into Outlook under open additainal mailboxes.

Where you invite attendees you invite the room first and assign it as a resource.  Then invite the other attendees.

meverestAuthor Commented:
thanks, but... i have tried that, but the new mailbox does not have a 'calandar' folder by default - only inbox, outbox, sent items and tasks.

step by step where possible please.

(please post comments only for the moment...)

You can create a new folder and select type "appointments".

Is the client you are using connected to exchange server through the exchange server service?

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meverestAuthor Commented:

the clients access the 'folders' via exchange server (v5.5 SP2) i can create a calendar folder, sure, but when i go to make a new meeting request, the new calendar is not availabel to the server, and when i go into the 'meetng room' folder and try to 'accept' the meeting request, i get a msg tells me that the calendar folder could not be found (even though i can see it there in the outlook view)

thanks again :)

MS Outlook behaves differently when mail is delivered to a personal folder versus mail that is stored on the Exchange server.

You need your mail to remain on the exchange server.  If you need mail to be stored off the server than users should move it to their personal folders manually.

To ensure that your mail (and calendar) is kept on the server,

a)  go into outlook.  Use the menu to get to options/services and remove all personal folders (use properties for personal folders and write down the location of the .pst file) and exhange server.
b)  log out of outlook.
c)  log back in.  Outlook will complain about no folders being present.  Accept any suggestion to browse local drives.
d)  go back into options services and add MS Exchange server option only.
e)  Log out of Outlook and log back in.
f)  go back to options services and add back any personal folders.

This should fix your calendar problem.

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meverestAuthor Commented:
thanks anyway,

but i discovered the problem myself :}

turns out that before i can accept 'bookings' i need to create the calendar folder.

even though i "add folder" and it shows up in the outlook mailbox view, it apparently doesn't physically exist until i initiate a meeting under the resource account.  then the calendar seems to be created, then everything works out like expected.

i even found some info on technet about auto-scripting using vb and 'CDO', and have installed a neat (revised version) of their auto booking-request responder.

cool! :)

thanks for your help.

post any ol' answer for points.

meverestAuthor Commented:
ok, so i can accept a comment as answer then ....

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