No floppy in win95

System is pentium 133 with win95 ver 4.00.950. Award BIOS. HDD 1.5GB and HDD 248MB. Sound blaster sound card which also drives the CD. ID on mother board is a MAGITRONIC P/N 1A-9597JV2-A.Also printed on MB is GA586VX REV 3.36.
I have been to MS and downloaded reccomended updates.
I put a DOS6.22 boot disk in floppy and it boots up fine.I can change to C: or D: no problem. This tells me my hardware is not the problem.
Leave disk out; let win95 boot; try to access floppy and get error "device is not accesible".
I go to system and select disk drives. There is no drive assigned to the floppy. I can only select from E and above.
I have removed and reinstalled the floppy controller from win 95.
I have also loaded REMIDEUP.exe and RMM2UPD.EXE. No help there.
The only clue I have is that on SYSTEM/IDE controllers there is a PRIMARY IDE contoller with the YELLOW ! and I can't clear the error.I am thinking this could be related.
MB has the floppy and 2 IDE contollers onboard. Secondary IDE controller is disabled. I have tried disabling the primary controller and using the secondary controller. SAME THING.
I have also tried the system with the sound card/CD removed.


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joedAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Did it work before?

Primary IDE controller controls the hard drives; Secondard IDE controller controls the cd rom drives; Standard Floppy Disk Controller controls, yup you guess it, floppy drives. Since you are having problems with your primary IDE and still having problems when hard drive removed, this would lead me to think that your problem may be in you hard drive hookup. Check that you have the cylinders, etc. configed correctly in bios and that the cabling is correct.
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if u have the drivers that came with the motherboard... click properties on the yellow question mark, then goto driver and update driver, put in the cd and reinstall it... a friend of mine had the same prob and it turned out to be a shot motherboard
joedAuthor Commented:
 did it work before? I believe it did at some point but not sure how long ago it is not my machine.

I have the BIOS set for auto detect and the HD seem to working fine.

I don't have the drivers that come with mother board.

I have made some further progress. I found a driver called "TRIONES BUS MASTER EIDE DRIVER FOR DOS VER 3.22" loading in config.sys. I rem it out and now I get a fast drivers failed to load from windows when it boots. But when I go to system there are no errors on the hard disk controllers any more. When I go to disk drives now I have 3 disks (2HDs and floppy) which all have drive letters assigned. But I still get the message that drive A: is not accessible.
I'm thinking now that I need to find some new drivers. Any ideas what drivers and where to find them.
> I'm thinking now that I need to find some new drivers. Any ideas what drivers and where to find them.

Find an old 200 Mb hard-drive.
Remove your current hard-drive, and install this "small" drive.

Reinstall Windows to this hard-drive.
Windows will find all the drivers on the Windows CD-ROM.

If this "test" system shows no "yellow-exclamation-marks", then there's nothing wrong with your hardware, nor with the "drivers".
If it does show, then you'll have an idea of where the problem lies.

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joedAuthor Commented:
The system has 2 hdd and from a suggestion by a fellow in the office that was exactly my next move. I will copy all the D: data to the c: and remove the C:, format the D: and attempt a new install of windows on thenew C:.
Sounds like a virus to me.
Actually, the AntiEXE virus or AntiCMOS.A virus.  Get a write protected, bootable virusscan diskette and boot to it.
joedAuthor Commented:
Follwed OTTA idea and it seems that reloading WIN95 is the fix. I will award the points in a couple days when I have had a stable system for a few days. It is still doing some odd stuff and I am trying to load a virus checker but the CD is now acting up. I think I still need to get the manufacturer's drivers loaded in.
> the CD is now acting up.

What are the "symptoms" ?

> need to get the drivers loaded ...

Drivers for which hardware?  the CD-ROM??
joedAuthor Commented:
Problem with cd is it is 1x connected to sound card. I was trying to use newer cds which don't work on the old type cd.

The problem is resolved and the pc is back to it's owner. I'm trying to figure out how I award the points. I don't see an option to award points.
joedAuthor Commented:
Although I got this advice elswhere as well, It is exactly how I fixed the problem.
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