read Excel file

I want to read an Excel file (given a cell range) to an Access table. Can somebody help me with that?

Thank you very much.
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'here is an example to help u out

'first refrence the excel library into the vb or access project
Public Sub TransferData1()
On Error GoTo ErrorH

Dim xlapp As Excel.Application
Dim datasheet As Excel.Worksheet
Dim mRng As Excel.Range

Dim curdb As ADODB.Connection
Dim rsCases As New ADODB.Recordset

Dim mRow As Long

Set xlapp = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
If xlapp Is Nothing Then
    Set xlapp = New Excel.Application
End If

xlapp.Visible = True

xlapp.Workbooks.Open ("C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\Shreyas\Desktop\Case Register\dees_Mact_Cases.xls")

Set datasheet = xlapp.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("data sheet")

'here u can connect to another database also, it is just an connection obj. I made in access so i have used this statement
Set curdb = CurrentProject.Connection

'open the destination recordset
rsCases.Open "cases", curdb, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic

'specify from where do u want to start
'i.e the first row where the data starts
mRow = 2

'spcify upto where it should continue reading data
Do While mRow <> 319

'read data into respective colums    
    rsCases(0) = datasheet.Range("a" & mRow)
    rsCases(1) = datasheet.Range("b" & mRow)
    rsCases(2) = datasheet.Range("c" & mRow)
    rsCases(3) = datasheet.Range("d" & mRow)
    rsCases(4) = datasheet.Range("e" & mRow)
    rsCases(5) = datasheet.Range("f" & mRow)
    rsCases(6) = datasheet.Range("g" & mRow)
    rsCases(7) = datasheet.Range("h" & mRow)
    rsCases(8) = datasheet.Range("i" & mRow)
    rsCases(9) = datasheet.Range("j" & mRow)
    rsCases(10) = datasheet.Range("k" & mRow)
    rsCases(11) = datasheet.Range("l" & mRow)
    rsCases(12) = datasheet.Range("m" & mRow)
    rsCases(13) = datasheet.Range("n" & mRow)
    rsCases(14) = datasheet.Range("o" & mRow)
    rsCases(15) = datasheet.Range("p" & mRow)
    rsCases(16) = datasheet.Range("q" & mRow)
    rsCases(17) = datasheet.Range("r" & mRow)
    rsCases(18) = datasheet.Range("s" & mRow)
    rsCases(19) = datasheet.Range("t" & mRow)
    rsCases(20) = datasheet.Range("u" & mRow)
    rsCases(21) = datasheet.Range("v" & mRow)
    rsCases(22) = datasheet.Range("w" & mRow)
    rsCases(23) = datasheet.Range("x" & mRow)
    rsCases(24) = datasheet.Range("y" & mRow)
    rsCases(25) = datasheet.Range("z" & mRow)
    rsCases(26) = datasheet.Range("aa" & mRow)
    rsCases(27) = datasheet.Range("ab" & mRow)
    rsCases(28) = datasheet.Range("ac" & mRow)
    rsCases(29) = datasheet.Range("ad" & mRow)
    rsCases(30) = datasheet.Range("ae" & mRow)
    rsCases(31) = datasheet.Range("af" & mRow)
    Debug.Print mRow
    mRow = mRow + 1

Exit Sub

    If Err.Number = 429 Then
        Resume Next
        MsgBox Err.Description, vbInformation, "Error - " & Err.Number
    End If

End Sub

'this proc. was written by me to migrate data from an excel file to the access db, it was never intended to be a generic app. so it is a little crude but it sure did the wrok for me.

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guosongAuthor Commented:

I cannot get this segment code to work.

I got a compile error for the statement:

Set xlapp = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")

also, what is the "data sheet" in statement:

 Set datasheet =xlapp.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("data sheet")

The excel files I want to read vary from file to file in terms of number of rows. How can I detect the end of the record when it is being read?
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