error type 11

I can't seem to dowload thins such as shockwave , flash, or mp3, and things like that, when it looks like it will stark working after succssessful download, a message appears saying error type 11 occured, and it makes me restart. My computer is a few years old,  a Performa 6300CD Power PC. It is amess in my files I wonder if there is a way to fix it
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A type 11 error on a PowerMac is an illegal exception error.  If you want the technical details, you can read <>.

A type 11 error is almost always a program bug.  It can be caused by writing past the end of an array, using an uninitialized pointer or handle, not having enough heap or stack space for the program you are running, having obsolete disk drivers.

You can sometimes correct type 11 errors by resetting ("zapping") PRAM - rebooting and holding down <ctl><cmd>PR until you hear the startup chime twice.

To provide more help, we need more information:

What version of MacOS are you running?

What extensions are you running?

When does the crash occur?  What program (and version) are you using to do the downloads?  Does the crash occur during the download or when you try to launch the downloaded file?

Have you run Disk First Aid on your hard drive recently?

If you want to post an email address, we can pursue this offline.

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helpmymacAuthor Commented:
I think all of the above are problems that I may be experiancing, I have recently purchased through aol a disk called conflict catcher 8 and I am wqaiting for it to come , if that does the trick I will be all set, if it doesn't I will probably scrap it And buy a new computer. I have a performa andit is a 7.9 as far as I can tell. I am new at it and it was a hand me down gift so I am teaching it all to myself but it might be a lost cause .Maybe a macintosh isn't best suited for my needs , since I use the internet as my most important fuction. Basically for entertainment.
Thank you for your response and I will call back again for more answeres when questions arise
A Mac is a perfectly fine Internet computer.  

In the Finder, go to the Apple menu (upper left) and select About This Macintosh (or About This Computer) and tell me what it says.  

What version of Netscape Navigator are you using?  Earler versions of Netscape had more crashing problems than the current version (4.7).

Are you downloading using Netscape or something like Fetch?

We can fix this.  There is no reason for you to over to the dark side.
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helpmymacAuthor Commented:
I have aol as my primary server and I also was succsessful incorporating, internet explorer4.5, but it seems that netscape is what I should have done and I am able to download it but once it is done I cant get to it. it doesnt show up anywhere, as far as the apple menu , while I am online, it only gives aol options, if I can get this to work I would definately consider buyimg a new macintosh
You probably need a program called Stuffit Expander to install Netscape.  It should have come with AOL.

If you to a cmd-F (Find) from the finder, and look for Netscape, you should be able to find it.

If you click on the desktop, the Apple menu should have an About ... command as the first item.  That will tell you what version of MacOS you have.
helpmymacAuthor Commented:
I did a stuffit download , and I am sure I have that capability, because it has shown thing stuffing and unstuffing before , I think I simply have all the wrong extensions going or something else and I have tried alot of things,I am hoping that the software that I am waiting for will fix it , but if it doesnt , I would probably need a real person with a magic wand to come wave it at this machine ,I am afraid that in my own attempt to experiment ,I may have caused harm by mixing up files and applications, it may be fixable or I might give up, either way I am happy for all help,I would have to restart in order to get to the about this mac , and then it would take me another 15 minutes to finally get back here. It is an OS8
helpmymacAuthor Commented:
I hope this doesn't cause a fold in communucation , but it is a
maybe that is the problem
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