ftp from ws_ftp to linux RH6.0

After the installation of Linux 6.0, I tried to telnet(QVT emulator) and ftp(ws_ftp)from windows98 client.
1. Every time trying to connect to linux box with QVT, I have to wait one or two minutes to get login prompt.
I did mod. the hosts file by adding local hosts name on the localhost line.but did not help at all.
2. If ftp from DOS in windows 98 PC to linux box, I need two or three minutes to get ftp login prompt.
But if I use the WS_ftp, the things is worse. I am unable to login to linux server box.

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The hosts table is the "culprit". Thing is that different ftp clients / systems sends their hostnames in different formats. Some systems sends their hostname, some send FQDN (fully qualified domain name). Check the system logs (/var/log/messages on RH) to see what the connecting client sends, then you need to add that to hosts.

Or you could use proftpd (www.proftpd.org) which solved everything for me when i got fed up with this behaviour.

however, if BOTH ftp _and_ telnet is slow, you definitely have a name resolving issue.

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