Multiform Problem 5 gets you 95 if workable answer.

I have an app with 7 forms...not midi forms...std forms. It's a birthday checker and among other things it reads a database, checks the current date against the birthdate and then returns a message.
Form2..a listbox display of the database
Form3..add records to data base
Form4..delete records
Form5..about on date picker
form7..main screen.

Starts splash..main

If I go from main to add I can add records...if I go from main to form2 and then to form 3 I can't add records
When I add a record and go back to form2 my new record is not visible
and yet in form load I load the recordset and refresh it.
Multiple little problems when running the forms in any random order but each form in itself works fine and if I do a certain order they all work..

Must be something in the load or unload of the database or recordset..

Help...95 points for help that works.
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are you unloading each form when another is loaded?? If not, try transfering your form_load code to form_activate, that way it'll be refreshed every time the form gets focus.

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JuiletteAuthor Commented:
by George, I think you got it...I'll just test it and get back at makes sense...I have been unloading and closing and all else but perhaps the activation event is the bell to ring!


Try this on mainform (form1)

Unload Event

If Form2.hWnd Then Unload Form2
If Form3.hWnd Then Unload Form3
If Form4.hWnd Then Unload Form4

Remember, if you call just a procedure
placed on a form, VB automaticly loads it if it is unloaded.
This is now conditional and do not cause load of currently unloaded forms.

JuiletteAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 95
JuiletteAuthor Commented:
Activate was a solution! Works like a charm.

Thanks both,


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