Printing dialog box

I set my data windows to "prompt before printing", and at a
print button, set a line of script.


I run it, the print dialog appear, but when I clicked at the cancel button, it still prints the data in that data window.

I also tried with
it's still the same.

Anybody encounter this problem b4, please help me on this.
I am using PB 6.0 EE, pltform nt4 workstation, DB is informix

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   The Cancel button is firing before u clicking. Because data transfer between datawindow and printer is fast. If the data is 10s or 100s of pages then u will see the benefit of cancel button.

The other alternative solution is give delay between pages in Datawindow->Printpage event.


  Use alternative. Give the facility to choose the pages which they want to print .

dw_1.Object.datawindow.Print.range = <String>

U can make the screen like microsoft printing selected range of pages.

Sample code

1 = Print all pages
2 = For selected pages.

String value is like 1,2-5; 1,3,5-9; etc.,

CHOOSE CASE ii_checked
      CASE 1
      CASE 2

      CASE 3
                String ls_page_range
                   ls_page_range = sle_1.Text
                   IF NOT isnull(ls_page_range) AND Len(ls_page_range) > 0 THEN  &
                        id_print_dw.Object.DataWindow.Print.Page.Range = ls_page_range
                   id_print_dw.Object.DataWindow.Print.Page.Range = ""

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