Updating record in TDbGrid with CachedUpdates

I am obviously missing something straightforward. I have a TDbGrid hooked to a TQuery with cachedupdates to a SQl Server 7 table allowed. A navigator Post does not save the change. I have tried a ApplyUpdates and a TDatabase.Commit with no success. Any ideas what I am overlooking?

Thanks, Tom.
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When you use TDatabase, you have to use TQuery.CommitUpdates before of using Tdatabase.Commit.

ApplyUpdates works only when Tdatabase not used.

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boardtcAuthor Commented:
Thank you but I am still confused and still have a problem. The problem first: an implicit post does not save, in other words, if they make a change in the grid and then move to a new record it does not save. How can I get a commit called in this situation.

Also, the help says to do a TDataBase.StartTransaction, followed by a TQuery.ApplyUpdates, a TDataBase.Commit and the TQuery.CommitUpdates. Can I just do the later as you suggested?

Thanks, Tom.
boardtcAuthor Commented:
Well, I got around it, I now do a CommitUpdates in the TQuery.OnAfterPost which works for both an implicit and explicit post. I still am concerned about doing the StartTransaction, Applyupdates and Commit though. I would like to find a good source of information, so I could read up and understand what is going on. Tom.
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