I moved up to Windows 98 and found that some W95 programs needed
patches to work under 98.   I also have some Windows 3.1 programs
that won't run in Windows 98.

These programs fail looking for Missing Dll files or INI files.

Is there any way to get windows 98 to run windows 3.1 programs?
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There is Don, but you need to be very careful how you do it and make certain you do not replace current Win98 DLL files etc with legacy files from 3.1.

What sort of programs are you looking to run. A large number of 3.X programs can be run from a dos environment and others rely on the graphical user interface, but you might want to think carefully about using some that may not be year 2K compliant.

Give me some idea of what you want to run and I'll walk you through some attempts and we'll see if we can get it running. Then you will have an idea of what is possible.

Don_DonAuthor Commented:
I have deleted most but still have Homeprojects
which was produced by IVI PUBLISHING and sold
as part of 3D Home Design Suite but Borderbund/Mattel
could not help me.  It was advertized as being W95/98
software but when it loads it says missing DLL (with no
list of what the dll it is looking for is).  First Aid 2000
does not intercept this message so did me not good.

I have several other graphic programs that are replaced
by 3D home but even the portion that was designed to
work as Wo5 program needed a paatch to work with
W98 v2.

I have looked inside of a couple of the DLL's on the
CD (Program appears to run from this location) and they
both say Windows 3.1 program.  I loaded the CD to my
main directory incase it searched from the root but this
did not help so I removed this instillation.

This software has a date of 1994 on it.
Don, unless we can identify the DLL it is looking for, it may be difficult to make this work. Does Homeprojects give you any clue at all as to what it requires?
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Don_DonAuthor Commented:
I just tried your solution of running in MSDOS mode

IE. start --programs--MSDOS option

and it worked.  Thank you !


I can now try some of my older programs. and that makes
me very happy!
Don_DonAuthor Commented:
Funny Email
The last was supposed to be TO: not DO:

The DLL was not identified in the error message but it
must be there or I couldn't have gotten it to work.

Thank you again!
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Don, I've mixed up by your last two comments? Solved or not.
Glad it work Don!  I'll refer to the above as the answer.

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Don_DonAuthor Commented:
To: pslh  Yes thank you.  I was answering dew associates
question and explaining that the supposed missing DLL was really
there as evidenced by the program working in dew's answer of
using in in MSDOS mode.

I appreciate yours' and dews' help!
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Thanks Don, I was just attracted by your "Funny email" and amused by your humour. ;o)    pslh
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