how to upload my domain home page?

I am currently uploading my website to the net using tucows "leech ftp" program.  my domain is  How do I get the homepage to come up when people go to that page?  Currently the address is   How do I eliminate the need to put the "/home.htm" to go to the home page?
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KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
You need to set the home.htm file to be the default startup file. This is usually done by the server administrator, and the files that are usually used are default.htm and index.htm.
KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
perhaps you can try copying "home.htm" to index.htm or default.htm, if you do not want to trouble the webmaster. Chances are, they will take a long time to respond.

Another trick you can try is to just type in and see what page it opens up. That page must be the current default page.
Either rename the file to index.htm or index.html if you think your server is UNIX or LINUX.

Or if you think it is MS try default.htm
or default.html

If that fails, contact the help desk at the ISP and ask them what the default name should be.

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Hi 3rsrichard,

I realize you're new to the forum.  I just thought you should know it's considered bad form to post somebody else's comment as an answer.

Also, having a file named index/default is not web server dependent.
KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
Thanks, Mayhew
Sometimes the comments here seem to be
poorly worded and/or unclear.
In this case I didn't think that
"perhaps you can try " sounded very confident.
I assume that everyone here who maintains websites thinks that ghughes problem probably is a name mismatch.  There may be some arguement about whether the object is to help ghughes or have social intercourse, but as far as I'm concerned you may reword my comments in any way that you think may help ghughes solve his problem.

I had no trouble understanding zxr250's comment and I don't think anyone else did either.

Your perception of his confidence is irrelevent.

You posted someone else's comment as an answer for a question with a lot of points.

You did *not* add anything of value to make you deserve the points over zxr250.

And further, you were misleading by suggesting that it had anything to do with the web server OS.

Now if you really want to pursue this, I'd be happy to point this question out to the folks in customer service and see if they have also have a problem with it.

Otherwise I would let it go.  

And don't do it anymore.
It has been my experience that it may have something to do with the OS.  When I have used other peoples Linux based servers I have always found that they were defaulted to index.html, and if you don't have a file of that name you get the type of problems described.
On the other hand PWS ( and I assume IIS or whatever it's called this year) are set to default to default.asp or default.htm.  It seems more likely that ghughes is using a Linux or Unix powered ISP, because they are more common, but I can't be certain.

zxr250 is welcome to all the points you want him/her to have, just have ghughes reject the one answer and send him the points, it's not clear to me what use they are anyway.  It is nice to eventually get rid of these questions though, to get the submitter to either say 'yes my problem' is cured or 'none of this helped'.

With reference to your threats, what?
do you carry around cans of spam to throw, or maybe a light saber.  Do I need a firewall?  Do you know Kevin !
Lighten up 3rsrichard, mayhew is correct in his statements, perhaps you should re-read the Experts Only rules of etiqitte,

.... you have read them already haven't you?

Plus you gave out bad info, on a UNIX server, you will be able to use the .htm or the .html extension , (at least on my Sun box)

You are no doubt correct about Sun UNIX.

The exact text of my proposed answer was
"Either rename the file to index.htm or index.html if you think your server is UNIX or LINUX.

Or if you think it is MS try default.htm or default.html

If that fails, contact the help desk at the ISP and ask them what the default name should be."

I think that fairly fits within the rule
b. Please propose an "Answer" only when you are sure it will solve the questioner's problem. "
Yes, but not when someone else has already posted a comment stating the same thing you want to take credit for...

Plus, there are still some UNIX servers out there that will not run the .htm extension.

It is not up to you or I to decide who has or has not provided ghughes with the help he apparently wanted.  It's up to him.  Surely he is able to decide for himself.  I will be perfectly happy if he decides to award his points to you, because I still don't know what use they are.

Discussing the issue of
"how to upload my domain home page?"
would be interesting, but I admit you have confused me completely by making the following two statements;
Plus you gave out bad info, on a UNIX server, you will be able to use the .htm or the .html extension , (at least on my Sun box)
Plus, there are still some UNIX servers out there that will not run the .htm extension.

Could you clarify your point?
Sure, on some UNIX servers, the OS would only allow the use of 4 character extensions with their Web Server software, SystemV is an example.  Now before you flame me, I haven't worked on a SystemV server in about 5 years, so I imagine this may no longer be the case.  I do know that until Sun OS 5.3 the 3 digit extension didn't work.

As for the points, I didn't earn them.  I provided no input into answering the original question, I mearly provided feedback and discussion to clarity.
Actually I think you have supplied ghughes with more useful information than zxr250 did.  Not that I have any complaint about zxr or his answer, and I've already said he's welcome to the points.
Considering the way ghughes worded his question I don't think he has had a lot of experience with servers.  And, I checked to see if the URL ebestprices provided any information about the type of OS, it doesn't.  It seems to me that ghughes is best served by providing him with a succinct answer and clear instructions about what to try.  Enough to lead to a solution we hope, but not so much as to be discouraging.
The long dissertation he has gotten on the peculiarities of various OS, and the manners and morals of nerds may either entertain him or put him off, but he has certainly been informed.
If only we could hear the words from his mouth - Eureka I've found it! or even A pox on all of you.
Hey guys, we might be dealing with a misunderstanding here.

3rsrichard, no one is saying that you don't have the right to post a suggestion that you feel refines a previous post.

My main complaint is that you posted your refinement as an "answer" instead of a "comment" with no feedback from ghughes.

Look at the header of your post and you can see that it says "proposed answer".  All of the other posts say "comment".

You pick between the two (answer and comment) by clicking a radio button that's visible when the question is open.  Right now the question is closed because you submitted as an answer.

If you had submitted as a comment, I don't think I would have said anything.

When you post as an answer, you're saying that you have the definitive answer and you expect to be rewarded with points.  It also locks the question, which discourages other experts from joining the discussion.

Since you've answered questions before, I thought you understood this when I responded to your posts.  That's why I said what I did.

BTW, who're you calling a nerd?  8^)
I picked up a Garmin 12XL parallel channel GPS receiver late last year. I was able to rationalize the decision based upon I'm a student pilot and that I would like to learn the lakes around my cabin better. Honestly, it just sounded like a cool toy. Interfaced with my Macintosh PowerBook 5300ce just fine... ;-)

Whos a nerd?
To whom it may concern,

Re: My main complaint is that you posted your refinement as an "answer" instead of a "comment" with no feedback from ghughes.

It's not my fault ghughes hasn't provided "feedback".

Posting an item as an answer does not prevent anyone from adding comments if they wish.  If 250 had posted his answer as an answer I would have been happy to comment on it.

As to having the definitive answer, that seems to be based on how well the question is expressed.  I see lots of answers here that get rejected because the question was poorly worded.  If ghughes question was what everyone seems to assume it was then 250's comments and my answer were both to the point, and probably correct.  If what ghughes really meant was something like 'how do you use leech ftp' then none of this was at all helpful.

I suspect that the real issue is somehow the points, but I have yet to discern what it is that's important about them.  Why would anyone not want to comment on a locked question?  If you as an 'expert' feel that a question has been reasonably well answered why not get rid of it, lock it and send it to the old question heap.  If you don't think a good answer has been provided then comment.
This particular question has been about beaten to dust.  Other than the comments about Sun OS 5.3 no one has added any useful info since the origonal postings.  That is apparently because no one disagrees with the answer just with the social issues.
I'm really bored with it, and I'm going to uncheck that little box down there under number 2.
And yes mayhew I do completely and fully understand that that means I will no longer be notified of additional comments about this question. (Assuming it works.)

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That is really about it in a nutshell. If you have any questions, please
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Lets hope we can all get back to the question at hand now! :)

Community Support @ Experts Exchange

After all these discussions lets look at your problem:

All web servers have a default home page settings: these are default.htm or default.asp for MS web servers (IIS or personal web server)and index.htm or index.html for apache servers. BUT these file names aren't abligatory: if you administering a web server, you can assign BULLSHIT.BOK as INDEX FILE NAME !

the logic is this: if you don't write a file name in your URL, you are pointing a DIRECTORY. for this case, web servers are looking a specified (by admin or by default) file name if it exist in this directory. if YES they are posting this file.

zxr250 and 3rsrichard are right, you can try to create all of these files :
and look if one of them is your webserver's index file. Or (I propose) ask to your hosting provider "what is the name of index file of your web server?"

if you MUST use home.htm as your home page, you can ask to your hosting provider to assign this file name to be index file of your domain. MAYBE they can accept to do this

I had an ISP who wouldn't change the default index.html to anything, so I just redirect a blank index.html page with the <META redirect...> tag.

You can specify just about any combination or extensions as your home page though.
>  having a file named index/default is not web-server dependent.

It is!

By the way, the web-server at:


claims to be:

   Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0

Ask the webmaster to check the file-permissions.

As others have suggested,
create 'index.htm' and 'index.html',
and then "experiment" to see which page is fetched by "default".
ghughesAuthor Commented:
Sorry everyone for taking so long to get back here.  I ended sending a email to customer service and you were all correct - the file must be names index.html.  I apoligize for taking so long and causing a ruckuss.  Thanx to everyone for your help!

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