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draw line....

How to draw a thicker line (bold the line) using C (UNIX) and output to a file.  I will use unix command "lp" to print to a laser printer.
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I am not sure that I am allowed to answer this, are you a student that is working on a homework assignment? Don't get upset at my question, I just want to insure I am not breaking the rules.

How about this?


Beyond that, you'll have to be more specific about the printer itself as every type has it's own way drawing graphics.  

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I am not sure this is the way the game is played after I posted my comment and was waiting for a reply.

As for your answer, first of all simply printing a sequence of underscores will certainly give you a straight line, but it will not increase the thickness of the line.

If you want to draw a line and have control of it's coordinates and thickness then you need to make use of the graphics library. A function like drawline() with the correct coordinats and fonts specified would be a more elaborite method.

The how of making use of the graphics library I will leave up to aimui so that he/she will get something out of the homework assignment.

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You didn't post an answer or a comment that addressed this question.  While there are rules about doing homework for other users, I would not classify this question as a homework problem.  

Sometimes it's obvious from the question that the user has just pasted the homework assignment into the question.  This question however, appears to be a small part of a larger problem and would be a fair question.
Mmmm, if you take a look at aimui's profile you will notice that he/she is a new user that just signed up. The answer is to simple for me to believe that this is not a programming 101 homework assignment.

It is your call, you have been out here longer than I. But i do think that you should insure that before submitting the answer you should fully understand the question, and from the information provided I don't see how you could have!
nils pipenbrinckCommented:
since you're using lp and unix you can do it with a little postscript code..

just write the following lines to a file with the extension .ps (for example line.ps) then use lp to print it. if you system is properly installed it will either be sent to a postscript printer or converted to a bitmap and printed afterwards..

if you want to draw more than one line just repeat the moveto lineto and stroke instructions.

all coordinates are in typographical points (1/72 inch I think).

--------- test.ps cut here --------
10 setlinewidth  % with of line
100 100 moveto   % startpoint
500 200 lineto   % endpoint
stroke           % draws the line
showpage         % prints the page
--------- test.ps cut here --------

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