Compaq MV520 Monitor Doesn't Work

I have a Compaq Presario 5340 with a MV520 model monitor. Somehow, when I try to turn on the monitor, I hear two clicks, then I see the No Signal - Video Cable Connected? message.
This has happened several times in the past, when I turn on the comp before the monitor, and I end up shutting down the machine manually. This time, no matter how many times I restart I keep on getting the No Signal message. I have checked thr cords and it seems to be fine.. Also when I use my old computer's monitor, it doesn't work either.. Can anyone tell me where I should check/fix? Thanks.
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Here's the key fact you gave:

>Also when I use my old computer's
>monitor, it doesn't work either.. Can
>anyone tell me where I should

You have a problem in your computer, not the monitor.  Since you get no signal at all, not even at boot time where the video mode is the most basic possible, I suspect that your video card in the computer has died.

This is a problem on the Compaq as I believe that this model has an integrated video adapter.  That means that the entire motherboard need to be replaced to fix the video problem.  If this unit is under warranty, take it to a service center.  If not, you can get a aftermarket PCI video card and plug it into an expansion slot.  This will disable the onboard video and use the new one instead.

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