Y2K Problem with CCMail 6.0 for Dos

We are using CCMail Post Office Db8 on Novell Netware.We use CCMail6 client for Dos which is showing wrong 2000 dates.Is there any version of CCMail client for Dos available which is Y2K compliant. DB8 is reported to be Y2K compliant.Please Help
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rfharrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Per the Lotus Support document referenced below, your client application would need to be at version 6.02 or later.

Also note that there is a comment regarding a known incompatibility (just in case you are using either component):
* cc:Mail Link to SMTP 2.x does not handle Year 2000 dates properly and will not function after 1999.

Source: http://support.lotus.com/sims2.nsf/802ee480bdd32d0b852566fa005acf8d/fd31fe991620ec678525643d00481908?OpenDocument&ExpandSection=2#_Section2

Be sure to open the collapsed section addressing cc:Mail before printing.
SGayathriAuthor Commented:
You are Very near, it was not cc:Mail Link to SMTP 2.x  but the MTA.
I have Upgraded MTA to 4.6.5 to resolve the issue but DOS Frontend still displays Century Wrong(It shows 100 now instead of 0)
re: DOS Frontend still displays Century Wrong

Is client version at 6.02 or better (your original post indicates version 6 ... but does not specify the point version)?

If the client is at/above 6.02 ... I might suspect that the client is showing accurately the data provided to it by previous products/components touching the message during the cycle of receipt/conversion/delivery.

I'm glad you caught the MTA ... is it worth identifying each involved component and cross referencing against Lotus' Y2K chart?

(Please forgive my "generalized use" of the word component.  I'm a Notes person .. not much of a cc:Mail person.)
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