bad partition table

hello experts,

i had a problem while i'm trying to install nt4 server to coexist with win98
where all partitions where fat32, and when i tried to delete one of these partitions using the setup program and create a new one the setup crashed and i had to restart and check , i have used pqmagic program to check the partitions . it gave me a message bad partition table, and when i used fdisk it didn't even load after prompting for the large size utiltiy. i need a way to solve this program or if there any way to rebuild the partition , or a program that fixes this problem

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What if you use Fdisk /MBR. To delete a partition I use delpart.exe a Dos program that delete on a easy way partitions.

Tim HolmanCommented:
NT cannot exist on FAT32.
What partitions do you have setup ?
/MBR should fix your boot record, but if the partition table's corrupted, best take some sort of backup first.
Does pqmagic list any specific error codes ?
You can look these up on their web site.
Does your version of pqmagic correctly grok FAT32??

Norton Utilities, if you have it should be able to rebuild your partition table for you and fix the problem.

Oh... hang on here.

You can't boot NT from a FAT32 partition. Your active partition *MUST* be either FAT16 or NTFS to be compatible with NT's boot loader (that reads boot.ini to give you the choices of op sys).

So, I suspect that NT, which doesn't understand FAT32 at all, has made a mess of the partition table, and that's why it all went wrong.

In any case, it'll never work unless you are gonna boot from a FAT16/NTFS partition.

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