Refreshing a Crosstab in Paradox

I have a form with a crosstab on it.  The crosstab summarises data from a table that is also visible on the form. I edit the table.

How do I get the crosstab to refresh itself based on the edits.
At the moment I have to close and reopen the form.

Thanks in advance

John Clarke
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lleonardConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The crosstab should regenerate after you post edits in the table, provided you have a refresh rate of something other than 0.  

Can also force the crosstab to refresh by sending it an dataRefresh action.  I would use postAction to do this, perhaps after detecting the dataInlockRecord action in the data table's record object.  Something along these lines should do it:

   if = dataUnlockRecord then
      crosstab1.postAction( dataRefresh )

If this doesn't work, which version of Paradox are you using and which version of BDE?

Hope this helps...

-- Lance
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