Browser errors on CF pages

I am having problems with a system designed with Cold Fusion.  I am getting several browser errors .

The first error tends to be:
HTTP  500 Internal Server Error

When refreshing several times I then get:
270 (0x0000010e)


Then refreshing again several times I occasionally get to the page.  These errors are not consistent, and I cannot find any reason for this.
Do you think it would help to install  CF server 4.5 as I have 4.0 installed at the moment?  

Do you think these are server problems or CF problems?  

Can anyone tell me what these errors mean?
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It appears as if there may be a problem with IIS at your site. I am assuming this is what you use?

Here are a couple websites to help you: 

As you can see from the first site listed the reason for this error is as follows:

This error occurs when an IIS application calls a COM object that changes the thread type and does not reset it before exiting. The next time IIS tries to use this thread, the thread type is checked and if it is incorrect, the error 270 is returned to the client.

So the CF app must be calling a COM object that changes the thread type and does not reset it before exiting.  So either change it in the app so that it resets thread type prior to exiting or have network administrator download service pack.

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MarandolaAuthor Commented:
Is the other error related?  Do you know what this means?

Yes the other error is very much related but a more general error.  This error simply states that an error has occured on the server due to a misconfiguration or a software issue.  Due to the fact that the current version of IIS and that the service pack has not been applied, the OS does not reset the thread type before exiting the CF application. Because of this it generates an error message automatically sending out the general error message, followed by a more explicit error. Thus any time you try to access the CF app after initial access you will get this error message.  If the service pack is installed on the server then OS automatically resets thread type for every application that is closed instead of programmer having to do this.  If the service pack is not installed then whoever wrote the CF application will have to reset the thread type.  If you want information on threads let me know.

Thanks :0)
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