Mouse during bootup

When i start my Pentium II 350 window's 98 loads ok,but after my screen,icons,etc are all there,my mouse is still an hourglass for at least 1 minute before finally becoming an arrow.Why does it take so long to load the mouse?I haved timed this problem several times,its at least 1 minute to 70 seconds.
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jj_makoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can run a utility called msconfig, it will let you look at your ini files and autoexec.bat and config.sys (kinda like sysedit).  you can pick and choose what programs you want to run on startup.  also, take a look at your startup group, there may be some stuff in there that really isn't needed. if you're confused about what i'm suggesting. post it.
What programs are loading?  Press <alt><ctrl><del> and see what is running when it is done.  Do you have an Ani-Virus package?
The mouse-driver is already loaded;
that's why you see the pointer/hourglass.

How much RAM in your computer?
Can you hear disk I/O activity while the hourglass is being displayed?
Two things springs to mind: Anti-Virus Package as celtics suggested as well as the amount of fonts you have loaded on your PC.  The combination of low RAM and lots o fonts can produce that result.

Just a thought.

If you have a network card installed and running it on BNC it will always take a while to load if no terminator is installed on your network cable

hope this helps
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