How to call fields from Access with VB 4.0

What I'm trying to do is use VB to create a password program that verifies what has been entered in the text boxes against fields in an Access database ie username and password. Is this possible and if so how do I go about it?
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Reaper_38Author Commented:
Please answer ASAP as I need to know for my course project
This is a very basic procedure I used for a similar course project.  I have better ones available but this one suits your basic needs.

'   This procedure verfies that the user name and password and username
'   texboxes are valid entries for the system
On Error GoTo errhandler

Dim rsLogin As Recordset, strLogin As String

Set rsLogin = New Recordset

strLogin = "select * from employees where password = '" & TranslateSQL(txtPassword.Text) & "' and user_id ='" & TranslateSQL(txtUserName.Text) & "'"

' open database
cnLogin.Open ("aps_test")

' Debug.Print cnLogin.Attributes
' fill recordset, if there is no user with that combination of
' user name and password, we will generate an error and therfore it is
' incorrect

Set rsLogin = cnLogin.Execute(strLogin)
' fill global variables for use throughout the application
intEmpId = rsLogin("id")
strEmpName = rsLogin("f_name") & " " & rsLogin("l_name")
strSprName = rsLogin("emp_sprvsr")
minDate = rsLogin("hireDate")


Set rsLogin = Nothing

checkLogin = True

Select Case Err.Number
Case 0, 20
Resume Next
Case Else
' invalid entry causing no records to be returned
MsgBox "Invalid username or password please try again."
SendKeys "{Home}+{End}"
checkLogin = False
End Select
This relies on you having referenced ADO and declared command and connection object variables.
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Reaper_38Author Commented:
I will say now that my knowledge of VB is very limited so notes to go with any code would be much appreciated
Let me know specifically what you need help with.
Reaper_38Author Commented:
I have made a db in Access called CollegeSec and within that is a table called Computer Login. In this table are two fields, ID Number and Password. I have five users in this db

What I want to do is to verify that what the user inputs into Text1 (for ID Number) and Text2 (Password) corresponds with the information inputted for one of my users
dim db as database
dim rs as recordset
dim found as boolean

set db = opendatabase(filename)
set rs = db.openrecordset(tablename)

'now find your user
if rs.recordcount =>1 then
   do while not rs.eof
       if rs!user = txtuser and rs!password = txtpassword then
           found = true
           exit do

if not found then
  msgbox "Incorrect Password"
end if

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add this line before Loop statement

Also forgot end if's

The above example will also check for correct case. If you don't care if the user has entered lower or upper case you can convert:

replace this line:

if rs!user = txtuser and rs!password = txtpassword then

with this line:

if ucase$(rs!user) = ucase$(txtuser) and ucase$(rs!password) = ucase$(txtpassword) then
Where Ucase$() converts the string you uppercase.
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