Flicker in MS Visual C++ 6.0

I'm running Windows 2000 5.00.2072 and using Visual C++ 6.0. Just lately I've noticed that the Visual C++ UI seems to "flicker": the mouse changes from a pointer to a hourglass for an instant at about 1 second intervals, and the list of files in the project seems to be redrawn at the same time. I've tried stopping all other processes that I could stop with no effect, and only MSDEV seems to be using any CPU time. This only happens during the code editing phase, and only with one workspace, which is a COM object. So I'm pretty sure that the problem is in Visual Studio. Any ideas on what could be causing this annoying behavior?
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Not sure if this helps but:

> When editing source code or a dialog resource with the Visual
> C++ version 6.0 source or resource editors, the user may
> experience a slowdown in performance. The resource editor
> shows a noticeable delay when tabbing between controls. In
> the source editor, the cursor seems to hesitate when passing
> through function definitions when using the arrow keys. In
> both instances the CPU usage is near or at 100%.
> The Visual C++ IDE makes a large number of file accesses to
> the ClassWizard information file (Projectname.clw).
> Invoke ClassWizard to regenerate the ClassWizard information
> file, then dismiss the ClassWizard dialog by clicking OK or Cancel.
> Microsoft has confirmed this to be a bug in the Microsoft
> products listed at the beginning of this article.
> This performance problem arises under very unique
> circumstances. Projects that exhibit the symptoms described
> above contain a large number of dialog resources, typically
> 200 or more. A test project which included 130 dialog
> resources was used in writing this article. Two additional
> events must occur for the symptoms to show themselves.

> First, associate a dialog resource to a new class using ClassWizard.

> Then, do either of the following:

> * Invoke the WizardBar (this happens automatically when
>   navigating code or resources).
> * On the Tools menu, click Customize, (dismiss the dialog box
>   by clicking OK or Cancel).
> NOTE: The order of events is not important. If the WizardBar
> has been invoked and then dismissed, the WizardBar engine
> will continue to run in the background. To disable the
> engine, close and restart Developer Studio after closing the
> WizardBar. To dismiss the WizardBar do the following:

> Click on empty space in the Developer Studio window.

> Clear the WizardBar item in the toolbar list.

> Q170511 </support/kb/articles/Q170/5/11.ASP> WizardBar
> Notification Slows Down Dialog Editor
> Each subsequent association of a dialog resource to a new
> class will require this resolution to be repeated.
> Additional query words: kbDSupport
> Keywords          : kbwizard kbEditor kbide kbResourceEd
> kbVC600bug kbDevStudio kbClassWizard kbGrpDSTools
> Version           : winnt:6.0
> Platform          : winnt
> Issue type        : kbbug

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webbAuthor Commented:
I think it is related to the ClassWizard because when I go to class view it says it has all these files to load, but they never get loaded. But it is not the problem above. I tried building the .clw file with no effect.

When I close the workspace window the problem goes away, so it is definitely related to MSDEV and its file list.
webbAuthor Commented:
Huh, deleting the .clw file I created following tdubroff's comment fixed the problem. So I'll give tdubroff credit for putting me on the right track.
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