Kid Pix Studio Deluxe on new IMAC with OS 9

On Kid Pix Studio Deluxe for MAC when using Stamps, holding down the Shift Key, the Option Key and Shift+Option are supposed to change the size of the stamp.  On a 350Mhz IMAC running OS 9, nothing happens when holding down these key combos.  Support for the product basically has been saying "duh?" to me.  Any help?

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Do you have any system extensions or control panels running which modify keyboard shortcuts. Usually I find that when this happens it is because I have some other extension etc., that is interfearing with it. Try running a base extension set and restart to see if it works.
You're correct, pressing those keys doesn't change the size of the stamp at all... that is until you move the mouse... go ahead try it! It works on my iMac.

If you hold down one of the keys and then move the mouse and you still don't see the stamp increase in size then something really funky is wrong.

Good Luck!

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dmpowlesAuthor Commented:
That worked!  Wish I had thought of it!  Many thanks!
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