can out look announce my friends b-day's

how do I get to have my outlook 2000 program ( which syncs with outlook ce) tell me that it is one of my contacts birthday's tomarrow?  That way I can plan ahead and buy a card for them a day or two in advance and get it mailed only 1 week late:)
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not in Access.... but you can create a table view of your contacts in Outlook then go down the list to do your editing. It's pretty quick (make sure you have in-cell editing turned on in the view)
Normally Outlook creates an event for a contact's birthday (unless you imported the contact - in that case you can get the event created by editing the contact & saving it). Open the event in the calendar folder and add a reminder to it. I usually set the important ones to remind me 2 weeks in advance (time to buy card & gift)
ajmanAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to edit all of the contacts at once with microsoft access 2000/ 97?  I would like to do this to change things quicker than going through outlook's pointing and clicking interface hundreds of times.
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