linking to external css files

I need a way to link to an external css file. This is what I've been trying, but it's not working.

<LINK REL=stylesheets TYPE="text/css" HREF="styles.css">

I can import it, but that only works in IE. I need it to work in both IE and NS4.
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yowkeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your link tag is correct. CSS is a mechanism to control how the web page display by browser. Both IE and Netscape support CSS but unfortunately both of them not fully compliant with standard CSS (CSS1). So, if your CSS work in IE, it is not guaranteed to be work in Netscape.

Go to check about the browser compatibility of CSS. Take a look at W3C :
KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
I might be wrong but I think StyleSheets only work in IE. Has anyone made it work in Netscape?
kch011099Author Commented:
I got it to work. When I took off the "s" in REL=stylesheets, it worked in both. I also capitalized the word, so it looked like this:


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