how do I change my resolution??

Ok, I'm using that Deluxe LINUX-MANDRAKE (Red Hat Linux with enhancements) that I bought yesterday. But I want to know, how do I change the resolution?

I had my chance during setup, but I screwed up because I thought that 640x480 8bit was sufficient enough; I was wrong! Nothing can fit on the screen! And It looks nasty!

Is there any way to change the resolution other that doing something really dangerous? I'm new with this, ok???

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For redhat systems its pretty easy.  Just go to a shell prompt and type 'setup' (I think there is a utility in the system admin folder too, if you are already in Xwindwos)  that brings up a window that has further choices.  Pick the X configuration choice and just redo your setup.  Note that what this utility does is re-write your XF86Config file, you may want to back it up first.  Even so, as long as you stick to the menus you should have no problem at all.

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jomysterAuthor Commented:
YEAH! That's excellent advice! Thanks! Now it looks cool! 1024x768 16bit is way better than 640x480 8bit!
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