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Is there hungarian for Java

If there is hungarian notation for Java, are there any good web sites?

Also, if so, how can I get a feel for an approximate percentage of companies that use hungarian in Java?  Are there any websites where I can research that?
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DonERogersAuthor Commented:

I can't believe what I consistently read.  Java seems to be a step back in some senses.

I can't stand having to search for a variable
declaration to see the scope and type before I assign
data to it (you know, code maintenance, etc.)

I mean naming variables in the following way:
"grandTotal", "nameFirst", "itemCount".

these class members?  Are they local variables?  Are
they global variables?  I guess I can assume that
grandTotal and itemCount are numbers.  What is the
maximum values allowed for both?  Are they the same

Oh well, I'm just rambling.  I've gotten to used to
hungarian for C++ and how easy it is to know what data
you are affecting and what data can be put into a

Gee, I wonder why Java doesn't just go back to using punch cards to get the work done.  I mean lets really do it the easy way.

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