AIX boot

My AIX (Bull Estrella 200) stop the booting process with this message: "System initialization completed".

Where is a key that pressed in boot time start the AIX in Service Mode ?

I can ping the AIX but the telnet not response.
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x With a Mentor Commented:
If the key strokes are the same on a Bull as a IBM then try F4 on a graphical or 4 on acsii terminal.

There is one thing I have seen that stops a system booting up properly. In the /etc/rc file, if an appendum has been made to that file. Boot to maintenance mode and check the file, there is a line that says that it must be at the end of the file. A lot of programers use rc as an auto starter for their own processes. This can be a problem.
if your system has a key (like IBM), switch to service mode, then you can boot using your boot floppies, they stop in a maintance shell, there try following:
   getrootfs hdisk0
   export TERM=hft

not shure if it works, but that's the it used to do on IBM with AIX
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