Query or filtering a table

I have got a datatable with 2 fields (Country and City). In the table I have got more countries with the same city.

Country      City

Country1      City1
Country1      City2
Country1      City3
Country2      City2
Country3      City1
Country3      City2
Country4      City1

How can I query or filter the table, if I want to know which Countries contains City2 ?

So that the result will be like this:
Country1      City2
Country2      City2
Country3      City2

Hope it's understandable.
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hi rainbowsoftware,

for filter:

table1.filter := 'City='+quotedstr('City2');
table1.filtered := True;

for query:

query1.sql.add('select * from TheTable where city = '+quotedstr('City2');

Couple of slight modifications to Meikl's response:

1) To obtain a single reference for each country:

query1.sql.text := 'select distinct Country, City from TableName where city = ' + quotedstr('City2');

2) To order the country names, you could add an order by clause:

query1.sql.text := 'select distinct Country, City from TableName where city = ' + quotedstr('City2') + ' order by Country';

I rarely use filters, and would suggest you stick with queries unless you have a true reason to use a TTable.

Hope that helps,



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rainbowsoftwareAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I asked for the wrong solution!
What I want is to know:

Which Countries contains City1 AND City2 ?


Which Countries contains City1 AND City2 AND City3 ?

And I want the countries to be listed Distinctly.


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You can adjust the SQL statement to the following:

1) use an or, if you have a finite or known quantity of selection options (i.e., you know you have only three cities you want as the search criteria)

select distinct Country from TableName where city = x or city = y or city = z

2) if you don't know how many cities (if you wanted to show all countries containing cities whose population exceeds 25000, for example), you can use a sub-select

select distinct country from tablename where city in (select city from tablename where population > 25000)

the distinct clause will give you more than one record if you include the city field, obviously, as it will have to show you a record for each country/city combination -- so you will need to drop the city field if you want only one record to show per country.
rainbowsoftwareAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers, but I do not want to use OR, I want to use AND.
And that is the problem, because when using AND no records are shown.
of course not...think about what you're saying:

show me the different country values where the city field = x and the city field = y and the cityfield = z

one field can't have three values...by analogy

show me the all the people whose hair is brown and red and black

that's just not how SQL works...you have to say

show me all the people whose hair is brown or red or black

to get a list of people

you know, the best book on SQL that I've seen is called "SQL for Dummies" -- it's got a lot of advanced topics, but it's written well.  
rainbowsoftwareAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the hint.
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