redhat 6.1 setup (partition)

i have a 27.3 gig drive. i have win98 on 6 gigs, when i install linux it takes the rest of my 20 gigs, when i only set it up for 6-7 gigs, how can i make windows take over the rest of the space?
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tknayakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If u install workstation version it will take rest of ur partition .. do a custom installation and using fdisk assign disk space to different mount points ..
What version of Linux are you installing?  Are you using fdisk to set up your partitions.  If you have a copy of Partition Magic 4.0, you can set it up easier, before the linux install, then linux will only need to format its partition.  Possibly what is happening is that you have a 6G windows partition, with windows on it.  Then you have your Linux partition with 6-7G.  Have you created a partition after this?  You should use either partition magic or fdisk to find this disk space and create a partition.  You should be able to create a fat32 partition using fdisk.  From linux type "fdisk /dev/hda".  Type p to see a list of partitions on this drive.  Type n to add a new partition.  Type t to edit a partition type.  Be sure to select the correct partition here.  You will want hex code type b or c.  To exit fdisk, type w to write your data to the partition table and exit.  Once done, you will probably want to use windows to format the partition.
rbf351Author Commented:
the version is redhat 6.1, i already did fdisk. windows has 6 gigs with windows on it. then i set up linux, installed it and then fdisk says that i have only 2 gigs free
Are you using the fdisk with Linux and not DOS?
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