Access to a Notes Database from the Web

Hi experts,

     How would I go about adding a Notes database to the Web?  I want to have the same GUI and data but just have it available on a website.  Any information on this would be helpful.

-Thanks :0)
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AntonysinghConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Anthem,

I hope you are asking about url format to open a notesdatabase in web.

Here is the format


You can use notes "About Database Document" to open when database opens and to have link to other view or forms.

For example if you want to open "All" view in the database Test\sample.nsf, the link would be\Sample.nsf/All?openview

I hope this make sense, if no , please xplain your question more.

Good luck,

AnthemAuthor Commented:

When I do this as follows:

http://(my domain server here )\(my notes server)PROD\CIT\address\oncall.nsf/all?OpenviewI get this message:

HTTP Error 404
404 Not Found

The Web server cannot find the file or script you asked for. Please check the URL to ensure that the path is correct.

Please contact the server's administrator if this problem persists.

When I do this:

http://notes server/PROD/CIT/address/oncall.nsf?OpenDatabase which I believe is the correct way because within each step I can see the folders... I get the error message:

Error 500
HTTP Web Server: Graphic Background Not Found Exception

I tried viewing other databases and was able to on some but not all of them...this one in particular.  How do I bring up the graphic background for this db?

AnthemAuthor Commented:
.. or how do I go about creating one?
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Hi Anthem,

I think you are try to open a navigator while opening database, if the case, remove the navigator and try using "About notes document" to give links.


For Error# 404:

1. Check for case of ur database name, if the server is on UNIX then the database name are case sensitive.
2. Check whether the view that u r openning is hidden from the web users

For Error# 500:

Should be a problem with the graphics, which could not be resolved by the Domino Server. Check for the graphics in the document or navigator that is being opened by default in the browser.

Good Luck
Refering to your comment:
"I tried viewing other databases and was able to on some but not all of them...this one in particular."

In version 4.6 there are some templates that are webenabled and some are not. If the database in question is created from a template which is not webenabled ... it can't be opened from the web.
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