Building ColdFusion Extensions in Java

We are currently converting our Java JDBC calls over to an object oriented database connection written in Java.  We'll basically be accessing our database through Java class files.

We have this one component of our software that is written in ColdFusion.  It currently accesses the database through an ODBC connection to the MS SQL Server.  We would like to change our ColdFusion code to instead use our new Java objects to access the database.

I came across this documentation in the CF 4.5 docs I downloaded:

"Chapter 11 Building ColdFusion Extensions

This chapter provides information about building and deploying ColdFusion Extensions or CFXs. In this release of ColdFusion, we're consolidating our approach to ColdFusion extensions (CFXs). In addition to custom tags built in CFML, CFXs can be built using C/C++, JavaScript/VBScript, COM/CORBA, or Java, VTML, and WIZML.

Building Extensions in C++

It clearly states that ColdFusion extensions (CFXs) can be built using Java, but never shows how.  It does show how this can be done using C++ though.

How can this be done in Java?  Please point me towards documentation.
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bigbadbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is done using a program called CFX_J it is similiar to custom tags only it is all java based.

You can download this if  you dont have cf 4.5 at

THere is documentation included with the download and how to specifically build the cfx_j file

Overall it is fairly simply.  You have to create the CLASS file then regester it.  You then call the cfx_j file in your code.  CF4.5 is even easier the 4.0 due to its built java capabilities.  Let me know if this works and if you need any more help


cpopinAuthor Commented:
Dude!  Thank you very much.  I'll check it out.  Just to let you know, I'm a Java programmer, not a ColdFusion one.  But we have a few people on staff that know ColdFusion.  Also, although I've downloaded the CF 4.5 docs, we're currently using CF 4.0.
cf4.0 works you just need to install the cfx_j files.  You can download this from allaire site.  I actually am using CF4.0 currently.  I am looking into cf4.5 and it seems to have more built in java capabilities.
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cpopinAuthor Commented:
There's also support for Java servlets if you're using JRun, which we are.
Your welcome, let me know if you need anymore help with cfx_j it works really well
cpopinAuthor Commented:
Well, we've put off using the Java extensions for a little while, but I'll grade you on this info anyway.  I've read though the matterial and it seems like it'll do the trick.  I wanted to grade you now before the evil auto-grader kicked in.  However, I will return to this thread to let you know how it worked out when I implement it.

Thanks again.
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