white noise on performa 6400/180 speakers

My Performa 6400/180 has white noise coming from the internal and external speakers.  The noise also comes out of the front headphone jack.  I can turn off the noise by turning the internal speaker down and by putting a speaker wire into the back speaker out port (but only without speakers attached to the wire).  Turning the system volume down does not get rid of the noise.  The noise turns into a slightly higher pitch when I click on a menu button.  This noise used to occur only after long cumputer usage-6 hrs, but now it's there right after bootup.  PLEASE HELP!
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Although you didn't say what level this noise is, I assume it's higher than normal. Since it seems to be getting worse, it sounds like the sound chip is going bad. Could also be a pwr supply issue but neither of these would be simple fixes. One last idea -- if the inside of the computer has lots of dust or is very dirty, you might try blowing it out or using a freon based "spray wash."

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