How to add a menu item in MS Outlook menu

i am currently working on a fax client and server program using VB.  I would like to find out how to add a menu item in MS outlook itself to provide a shortcut to load my VB fax client program from MS outlook.  For example a menu item "Fax using VB Fax" in Outlook menu to allow MS Outlook user to load the VB fax program by clicking on the menu.
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BodyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Outlook 2000 you can:

1. Write Outlook Macro which will simly lunch your program

2. to add a button to outlook menu you may use the following VB routine

Dim oApp As Outlook.Application
Dim oCB As Office.CommandBar
Dim oCBContr As Office.CommandBarControl
'Dim oNS As NameSpace
'Dim oFolder As MAPIFolder
''Dim oItem As Object
'Dim omailitem As Outlook.MailItem
'Dim i As Integer

Set oApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set oNS = oApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")

Set oCB = oApp.ActiveExplorer.CommandBars.ActiveMenuBar.Controls("Tools").CommandBar
With oCB.Controls.Add(msoControlButton)
    .OnAction = "MyMacroName"
    .DescriptionText = "MyMacro"
End With

It was a simle way.
But may be it wan't suit you.

If you want to write a true add-in for Outlook you should read the following MSDN article
'Customizing Outlook using COM add-ins'
riyugieAuthor Commented:
your suggestion seems to work well in Outlook 2000, but i am currently using Outlook 97 to develop this program.

As i found out from the articles from MSDN, MS Outlook 97 does not support customize function and macro, although i can add in the menu command through Visual Basic.

Do u have any suggestion,Bodya??

Thank U for ur answer
riyugieAuthor Commented:
In order use the COM add-ins method, i need to have a reference to Microsoft Add-In Designer object library, can i know where to download it??
or can anybody sends it to me ?? thank u
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Well I used this library while I was working in another company. They receive monthly a subscription from Microsoft and there was a disk named Microsoft Office Developer.
The file is named msaddndr.dll
If you want it - leave your mail.

As for Outlook 97 customization I asked the same question as yours twice on this site but still have no reasonable answer.
riyugieAuthor Commented:
this is my email
riyugieAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the dll file.
But i don't know how to create a dll instead.  Can u give me some sample codes to help me in exploring the dll method?

how do u solve the outlook customization last time? Creating the COM addins your self??
Sorry I have no examples right now. That was very long time ago. Last time I wrote a mail robot which have to arhcive , divide a large file into small pieces , enrypt and send all this stuff and proccess all delivery notifications from the other side and resend smthng if needed.
Finally we decided to write this as a separate VB programm. To send a large message user simply put it into the special folder. Program lunches periodically from time to time, scan this folder and do its work.
To run programm immediately we use customized Outlook form with some VB script code. We handle its Item_Open event and there we lunch the VB application.
You may read about Outlook forms customization in Outlook help or in MSDN
Good luck
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