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LC575 slave to G3

I have an LC 575 and a G3 with a SCSI.  I see a hard drive, monitor and 3.5 disk drive sitting idle on the LC.  I know that I can network these with ethernet, but since both have SCSI ports, is there any way that I can connect the two computers with a SCSI cable?  Can I make the LC a slave drive of the G3 and utilize the monitor and the 3.5 disk drive?
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mergelAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
If the LC 575 is old enough to have a hard power switch, I think it's possible. What this means is when you shut it down, it will give you the "it is now safe to switch off your macintosh" window and you have to flick a switch on the computer to shut it off. If this is the case, then you can do it.

You'll need a SCSI cable to hook the two machines together (obviously). Hook them together, then turn on just the LC. Once it's all booted up, shut it down, but DO NOT turn it off, so it's just showing that screen telling you it's ok to shut it off. Then, power up the G3, and if you cross your fingers just right, the LC hard disk should appear on your G3. You may need something like SCSI Probe (freeware utility) to mount the drive, but this should work.
What you want is SCSI Disk Mode for your LC 575. This is generally available for powerbooks only. There are 2 control panels that allow powerbooks to be seen as hard disks--Powerbook SCSI Disk Mode and Powerbook SCSI Setup. Then you would need a SCSI adapter for the back of the powerbook. I do not believe this feature is possible for desktop Macs.
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I DONT recommend doing this. The SCSI bus pumps through alot of power and you definitely run the risk of frying a motherboard when you connect two power supplies together.
You're not exactly hooking two power supplies together. And I don't think the SCSI bus pumps very much electricity. If it did, you wouldn't need to have external power for SCSI devices!

Anyway, I did a similar thing with my old LCII a couple times and it worked for me. But, I guess if you do try it, remember, these are only suggestions, and I can't be held responsible if something doesn't work right.
WARNING DO NOT Connect two desktop macintoshes together in this manner the SCSI controllers on the motherboards are hardwired with the ID #7 if you connect two together you run the risk of blowing one or both chips.

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