Hiding Shelled Application Activity

I have created a program using VB5 that uses the Shell command to launch QuattroPro and then issues a bunch of send key statements to create an analysis report.  While the analysis report is being created in QuattroPro (approx. 5 min.), I would like to display an avi file with an animated hour glass.  My question is, how can I hide what QuattroPro is doing and display the avi file without losing the focus of QuattroPro and thus screwing up the send key statements?  Also, is there any way of disabling the keyboard and mouse so that the user does not interupt the QuattroPro commands in progress?


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To hide quattroPro, you can do a couple of things...

You can use:

   x = shell("xxx",vbHide)
   AppActivate x

Or you can maximize your form and set it to be "always on top".  This way, QuattroPro is visible, but can't be seen because your form is the highest form...  To do this, see the microsoft example:

HOWTO: Create a Form That Always Stays on Top

If you use the second option, after you do the sendkeys, set the focus back to your form and any keystrokes and mouseclicks will be sent to your application, not QuattroPro...

Hope this helps!


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derossAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
Glad I could help! Thanks for the points!

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