Some basic flash questions

1)  How can I make the text to act as links for href, mailto, etc.  Now, I only know to make button objects for those functions.

2)  I break a long movie into some small movies for easy download/themes.  However, there are some resources (movie clips, buttons, logos, etc.) are shared among those small movies.  How can I make them to be download one time only?  I think they are being download repeatly within the small movies.

3)  I used LOAD movie function to load movies in advance to save time.  Do I need to UNLOAD them after playing?  Will the flash take care of the memory management issue?

Many thanks.

Tasman Chan :)
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1) Link.
Go to Insert - New Symbol. Type in a name and click the "Button" radio button. Click OK.

You now have a symbol with 4 frames.
Put the normal text in the first frame, the rollover text in the 2nd frame, the clicked text in the 3rd frame, and a box with a border in the last frame that designates what area is clickable (and ONLY that box, no other symbols in this frame).

I'm sure you knew that. Now, in the Scene you're working in, right-click that button and go down to Properties. Click the Actions tab. Click the + button and choose Get URL.

for location type in or and in Target type in the target window.

2) If you are using multiple .swf files, you cannot share symbols =/ All the symbol info is packaged in the .swf. Sorry man. =/

3) Flash takes care of all the memory management, but it IS good practice to unload in case you have stray movies playing back.

I hope this helps!


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tasman082997Author Commented:

  Thank you for the quick response.   For the first question.  Can I have more than 1 different links on the text.  Say, the text has different people's name on it.  I would like to have a mailto link to assoiciate with their names.   Or, I have to create different symbols for the different links.
Well, in your scene window, right click and go to Actions. Choose Get URL again, and that same button will go to the url you specified in each instance.


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tasman082997Author Commented:
What I mean was if it is possible to have multiple different links within the same text paragraph.

Thanks :)
Like this?

A good site to visit is *link*. You can e-mail me at *link*.

If so, you just need to place buttons within the paragraph. Just put the regular text in the paragraph and gently align the button over the word in the back layer.


tasman082997Author Commented:
Thanks.  That's what I wanted.
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