Installation problem with expsrv.dll in VB 6.0

i am trying to do a project in VB 6.0 using Access 97 as
the backend.

The Package and Deployment Wizard compiles the project
fine but when I try to install the program
it complains about  a dll file called expsrv.dll which is located
in C:\Windows\System. It gives the following message:

 ' An error occurred while registering the file 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\EXPSRV.DLL'

Searching MSDN reveals that this dll belongs to Jet 3.51.

How do i solve this problem - is the dll corruptted ?

I have tried to solve this problem by coping this same file
from another computer but still get the same problem....

Help pls,
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adityauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Visit this site. Solution is given here. You need to install Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 3.
meluAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, installing Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3
does solve that problem.
However another problem follows - i am not sure if
its in any way related ....

I have put a query under the Title:

Run -time error '713' - Application -defined or object defined

If you have any suggestions, pls let me know

Anyway, my question on the installation problem
was solved so 50 points goes to you.


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