RedHat Linux as a Proxy =>URGENT !! <= tx

Hi, I'm running RedHat 6on a machine, and we want to use this machine as a Proxy.
Actually, this machine as 2 NIC, one on the enterprise-side and the other one on the router-side.
Firewalling rules has been setup to allow users to pass through this machine to go to the Internet.

This part works fine.
(users have win95-98, ie4 or ie 5)

This machine is not a mail or DNS server. We now just want to use it as a Proxy server.

For now, I've tried to change parameters in httpd.conf but it fails:

my changes are :  uncomment :
ProxyRequests On
CacheRoot /var/cache/httpd
CacheSize 5
CacheGcInterval 4
CacheMaxExpire 24
CacheLastModifiedFactor 0.1
CacheDefaultExpire 1

and then restart the machine.

if I try to use it only as a gateway, I can go to the Internet, but I change parameters in i.e. to use a proxy, then i can no longer go to the internet

the servertype is standalone,
and I've defined the port to 3000

please, what's wrong ??

Tx, Aldric
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use squid instead, apache proxying is NOT meant for clients to access the internet.

And squid will alos ONLY proxy http https and ftp.

if you need "generic" access, you need ip-masquerading.
aldricAuthor Commented:
i just downloaded squid-1.1.21-1.src.rpm and unpack it (rpm -i) but i don't know what to do now, sorry I'm a newbie and i need more help.
aldricAuthor Commented:
I try to run squid and here is the result:

FATAL ipcache_init : DNS name lookup tests failed

As this machine is just here to be a proxy, I haven't created any DNS zone.

Should I add something somewhere ??  And what plz.
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squid NEEDS access to a DNS, att ALL times, you dont need a local one, but you need a DNS.

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use ipchains and masquerading
 you can tune the ip add, the ports, ...
and use test addresses on your local net
if you do want to use "generic ip masquerading" and do not need the caching of SQUID marchelvh is right.

Or you could look att and use pmfirewall (which also gives you a decent firewall) just remember to answer "yes" on the question about masquerading when installing
aldricAuthor Commented:
Thanks for ur help, the DNS has been fixed, and now squid run normaly.

Thanks again,

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