Editing the Dosstart.bat file to load mouse

When I had Win 95, I seem to recall that my mouse and Zip Drive were available in DOS Mode via an entry in the Dosstart.bat file.
After upgrading to Win98, those entries were erased and I'm not sure how to go about putting them back, or even if I'm supposed to in Win98.
  My question is this: How do I load my mouse driver and Zip disk for a DOS Mode session? Do I edit the Dosstart.bat file? What should it look like?
  I have a custom built AMD K2 400Mhz system with 128MbRAM. I use a Iomega ZIP disk (external) plugged into a parallel port and a Microsoft Intellimouse Pro.
  Thank you for any assistance you can give.
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Hi Steven,

Yes, you would edit the Dosstart.bat file, and you would load a basic mouse device driver.

As for the zip drive, this will depend largely on the type of zip drive, the model and the manufacturers specific DOS driver calls for this drive.

StevenWAuthor Commented:
 Thank you Dennis but I'm looking for something much more specific. I have looked in my C:\Program Files\Microsoft Hardware\Mouse Directory and don't know which file to point to and write into the Dosstart.bat.
   Do you have an example of what the line would look like? Sorry if this seems a dumb question but thats why I came to this site. I'm certainly not an expert.
   As I stated, I have MS Intellimouse Pro. There are two exe files in the above directory, they are mousex32.exe and mouse.exe
  So what do I type in dosstart.bat?
Steven, the following deals with the mouse. You will need to do more research on the zip drive in order to load the correct driver for that particular drive.

As for your mouse drivers, these can be loaded either via dosstart.bat or autoexec.bat. Just substitute one for the other in the following.

1. Create an MSINPUT directory and an MSINPUT\MOUSE subdirectory by typing the following lines at an MS-DOS command prompt:

md c:\msinput
md c:\msinput\mouse
2. Change to the MSINPUT\MOUSE subdirectory by typing the following line at the MS-DOS command prompt:
cd c:\msinput\mouse
3. Insert the IntelliPoint software disk in drive A and then expand the four necessary files by typing the following lines at the MS-DOS command prompt:

      expand a:mouse.ex_ c:\msinput\mouse\mouse.exe
      expand a:mouse.en_ c:\msinput\mouse\mouse.lan
      expand a:mbpcpl.ex_ c:\msinput\mouse\mousecpl.exe
      expand a:mbpcpl.en_ c:\msinput\mouse\mousecpl.lan
To set the appropriate environment variable and cause the mouse driver to be
loaded automatically when you start your computer, follow these steps:
1. Change to the root directory by typing the following line at an MS-DOS
   command prompt:
      cd \
2. Type the following line to open the AUTOEXEC.BAT file for editing:
      edit autoexec.bat
3. Add the following lines at the beginning of the file:
4. Save and then close the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
5. Restart your computer.


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StevenWAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dennis that is what I was looking for.
Okay, if you need help with the zip, let me know, but first you need the dos drivers and also the dos calling line syntax.
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