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I am designing a database which contains documents that have multiple categories. I have created a view that displays the same document under different categories. I would like to know how I can display different information in another column based on the category that the document is currently being displayed under? In case this is not possible, I will explain why I am doing this so that you can maybe point out an alternative. I am designing a purchase order database and I would like a given purchase order to fall partially under two different categories by percentage so, say 60% under hardware, and 40% under software. I have a view that displays totals for each category, so I need to be able to display the correct cost under each category so that the totals for each category are correct. Thanks for your help.
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Unfortunately it isn't possible to show different values as you require. The only way I can think of doing it is to split the one form into 2 different forms (or however many catagories you have) using script in the Queryclose event, this would make displaying the view trivial. The problem is how to manage the seperate documents. I have done something like this for holiday requests (I won't go into why!), but when you go into the split forms, it takes you back to the original form (by way of doclinks)and this is all invisible to the user.
To be honest though, I don't think Notes lends itself to the sort of application you are writing.

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