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I have read hat 6.  I have inatall samba. I can see the box in network neiborhood but i can not brows.  I have no security problem.  i want everyone on the network to have total access to the box.  Our box is just for storage.  Is their a simple way.  Could anybody help me.  
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Yes.  You cannot browse because of the following.  You need to add a user account to the linux machine for each person.  Make the user names the exact same as they are in windows.  Also, make them use the same passwords.  If you are using windows 98, edit the /etc/smb.conf file.  Where it says password encryption, enable this.  Then type samba start.  Make the users log out, and then log back in to their windows systems.  They should now be able to open the server in Network Neighborhood and browse their own folder.  If you want a shared folder, you can creat it in the same file.  Go to the bottom of the file under Disk Shares.  There should be a sample share there you can just uncomment.  If not, see the man page for smb.conf.

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There are times when network neighborhood won't work  (browse), and sometimes it just takes a long time for it to be able to access the information from the master browser.   Sometimes it is a problem with Windows there are articles in the knowledge base at Microsoft if this is the case.  There may even be a browser on a remote network you are connected to taking priority. Go into the directory where smb.conf is and do this:

testparm | less

Check to see if an option for master is configured.
I don't know how your network is set-up, but on my system that would be "local master = Yes".  I'd also setup "wins support = yes" and set up WINS for the Window clients.

Take a look at the BROWSING-Config.txt (priority issues) and the BROWSING.txt documentation which comes with samba, or can be found at

You can run this test.  In windows go into the start menu, choose run, and type in //servername.  If something comes up, you have a way of accessing the shares, and you know everything is working correctly.

Here are some links you  may want to look at:

NIC conflict:

Genereral Windows info (95 but applies to 98), and very good advice about browsing:[]/jump/

Two corrections on my previous comment:

type in //servername -> I meant \\servername (I guess that proves I use Linux much more than Windows).

        []/jump/ ->

should be  although his home page is a good starting point.  And deja is a great place to find information about all kinds of questions by "browsing" the newsgroups!
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gataraAuthor Commented:
Well you suggestion was good but I only get the massage faster

linux not accessible
the specified conputer did not received you request
Can you ping back and forth between the windows machines and the linux machine?  I ask because just seeing the box is meaningless.  That shows up due to a TCP broadcast over the subnet.
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