Streaming HTML in a JTextPane (etc.)

Although there's plenty of support for loading a single static HTML page into a JTextPane and friends, I'm looking for a way to push arbitrary HTML into an existing pane and have it render the new HTML as it gets it, without replacing what's already there.  I've experimented with the Document stuff with no success; any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.
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As I know Swing only deals with well formated HTML code. If you want part of a page to be rendered before the rest of the page, you probably will get exceptions. Say "</HTML> tag not found".
First step : Make your JTextPane editable.
Second step : read the original swing sources and you will find the way to do this. Or you can use this code (EXTRACTED code from an HTML editor applet) :

import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.text.*;
import javax.swing.text.html.*;

public class Editor extends JApplet {
  public HTMLEditorKit kit;    
  public static HTMLDocument doc;//original doc este de tipul StyledDocument
  public static JTextPane pane;

public void init() {
      pane = new JTextPane();
      kit = new HTMLEditorKit();
      doc = (HTMLDocument)kit.createDefaultDocument();
      //The Document class does not yet handle charset's properly*/
      Loader l = new Loader();//custom class wich read an html String from server
      doc = (HTMLDocument) pane.getDocument();
      JScrollPane sp = new JScrollPane (pane);
      Container c = getContentPane();
      c.add(sp, BorderLayout.CENTER);

Reader r;
int position = Editor.pane.getCaretPosition();
HTMLEditorKit kit = (HTMLEditorKit)Editor.pane.getEditorKit();
try {
         r = new StringReader(imported);
//insert at position given by variable 'position',(HTMLDocument)Editor.pane.getDocument(),position);
         Editor.pane.updateUI();                                                pos=((HTMLDocument)kit.createDefaultDocument()).getLength();
                                             Editor.pane.setCaretPosition(pos);//set the caret at the end of the document.
                                                                     }catch(BadLocationException e1) {
                              System.out.println("EditorToolBar - Copy button exception 1 !!");
                        }catch(IOException ex) {
                              System.out.println("EditorToolBar - Copy button exception 2 !!");

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"BUGS" : - for new document you must insert at the position 3. First are reserved for <html>, <head>, </head> tags (for an corect insertion into the body).
- after insertion Swing add two CR caracters at the begining and the end of the inserted text, so your view of the text will be not very great - delete them and call updateUI method. If you try to insert html objects, you must know that the length of this is 1, so be carefull what you delete. If insertion of objects is not working as you expect to, try to embed them in <form> tags.

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