ODBC - CRecordset - CRecordview

Environment : MS Access , Visual C++

Views : CRecordview

Interface : ODBC

Question :

I have a peer to peer network, which means that i have two computers that is able to communicate with each other.
In other words client to client communication. For example i am able to use winchat to communicate with another person using the PC name.

Requirement :

I have an application that uses access as a database and the front end application is created using app wizard.
Is it possible for me to perform a task
on the  database which is stored in another computer. I am currently using ODBC as my interface. How is it done?



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While selecting UR datasource for UR DSN during ODBC configuration, U c an select the file which is present in the network thats all, and U can use the some functions of database to work with.

Go to ODBC configure a new dsn while selectin the file as datasource select the file U want which is present in network.

Hope this helps

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eugene007Author Commented:
Hi inpras....if lets say my database in stores in a local hard disk of another computer...how do i handle this type of situation?


Hi eugene007
Same way as U on UR disk
Only thing is U have to map the network drive to which UR connecting.

Like say
I have a LAN and I want to connect to a databse say b.mdb on a machine B's d: drive

then I will do the following
1. map B machines drive d:
2. Coneect to it through ODBC by selecting source
3. Name a DSN to it

and all other processes are same as if UR accessing to the database of UR hard disk

Hope I am clear this time
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