Win98 hangs when booting (sometimes)

This one is driving me nuts.  A client of mine is running Win98.  Sometimes the system hangs when booting.

I was finally able to reproduce the problem with the bootlog turned on.  When the system hangs, the last entry in the log is:

  Dynamic load success mmdevldr.vxd

When the system boots successfully, the same entry is present, but is followed by:

  ...and so on...

It always hangs at the same place in the log.

This led me to think that there was a problem with the CD-ROM.  Removed and reinstalled the Microsoft generic CD-ROM driver, but no joy.  This is a plain, old ATAPI CD-ROM driver, BTW.  I tried reducing the hardware acceleration on the drive, but that made no difference.

ASD reports no problems with any drivers that have been skipped.

System is running with Win98 (first edition) with SR-1.

Any suggestions appreciated.  I've burned up way too much bandwidth on this one.
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mmdevldr is the multimedia device loader and is part of windows.

I would say first thing to do is to uninstall and reinstall the multimedia components of Windows through Add/Remove programs.
rjhowardAuthor Commented:
The thing that bothers me is that the bootlog entry says that mmdevldr loaded successfully.  Is there a reason to think that entry in the log is not reliable?
well, that could be true.

Or, it could also mean that A) it is loading successfully but once loaded is causing the system to hang B) is not completing the load.
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RJ, when MMDEVLDR loads, it accesses the codecs as well as the physical devices that would be used for multimedia. Therefore, if the sound card has a device problem or driver problem, or the video card supports multimedia including TV in/out etc and has a problem or even a problem cd rom drive, any of these things could cause a failure. Last but not least, a corrupt codec can also cause this.
Contact the client and ask what software he/she loaded prior to the problem.  Sounds like a software conflict.  Go into safe mode and uninstall the last progam, driver, etc that the client installed.  That usually works for me.
rjhowardAuthor Commented:
The client has no idea what the last software loaded was prior to the problem.  He's been living with this for a number of months.

As for the prior two suggestions, do you think it would be sufficient to disable all the multimedia devices to see if the problem goes away?  I'm hesitant to remove and reinstall the drivers unless I'm very sure I have a disk with the drivers on it (which I don't).

Thanks for your help!
RJ, what is the make and model of the machine and the sound card and I'll run it against the drivers list that I have to see where they can be had for you.
rjhowardAuthor Commented:
A lot of the components are noname, but let me check...
rjhowardAuthor Commented:
Card is a Yamaha OPL3.  I found some drivers on one of Yamaha's sites.  Will try them later in the week when I go to see the client.

If dew_associates or 1cell would like to submit their comment as an answer, we can lock this question until I have a chance to check this out.

As you requested RJ!

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rjhowardAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long to get back to this; client has been out of town.

Client said this particular problem went away on its own.  However, installing the new Yamaha drivers resolved a different problem, so I'm accepting the answer and awarding the points.

Many thanks!
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