Accessing SQL7 from SQL6.5 Enterprise Manager

Can you register a SQLServer7 database in a SQLServer6.5 Enterprise Manager.
I've added the server but when I select it, an error stating that a connection could not be established is displayed. Is there something that I am missing?
SQLserver7 is clustered but I am trying to connect to the published dbservice so that should not make a difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jon_RaymondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hate to use the c word but that can't be done.  However, you can link to 6.5 servers from version 7.  The error you get is valid since 6.5 doesn't recognize an 7 server.
roberto_simiAuthor Commented:
In that case can I use normal ISQ_l to access the database. This also gives me a similar error message?
I assume not. The 6.5 installation doesn't recognize 7.  You could install 7 on the same system where you have 6.5.  The downside is that you can't run both versions at the same time.  You would have to use the switcher utility to switch between versions.  But, this might be an option.  I have both versions on an NT workstation and I switch between them.  I support a production version in 6.5 which is to be upgraded soon.
roberto_simiAuthor Commented:
Very prompt response.
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