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I'm having problems printing over my network.  I have three Linux machines, weaver, ripley, jonesy.  weaver has a printer.  I configured the printer with printtool on all three machines.  I can print fine from weaver, but from ripley and jonesy, when I try to print, I get the error:

lpr: connect: Connection refused
jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.

And then when I do lpq on the remote machines, I see the print jobs in the queue, but also this error:

weaver: lpd: lp: Your host does not have line printer access

weaver is the machine with the printer.  I can print fine from weaver.  All network connections, like telnet, ftp, nfs, are fine between all three machines.  Is there some special permission that I need to give for /dev/lp0?  I've tried both 660 and 666 for weaver's lp0.  I get the same error for both trying to remote print.  What else can I check?  Thanks,

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Chnage the permissions on the /var/spool and the /var/spool/lpd directories as well as the file lp (or lp0) to 777 (use chmod 777 /var/spool and similar for the others) then try to print again.
you have to export the the /var/spool/lpd directory ..
add the line in /etc/exports to do so ...
/var/spool/lpd      *(rw)

restart the nfs server ..
now you try from remote machine .. it should work ...

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emeraldkim121799Author Commented:
Hi, tknayak,

I tried exporting /var/spool/lpd as you suggested.  This is the /var/spool/lpd on the machine which has the printer, right?  It's still not working, with the same error.  Do I have to mount the /var/spool/lpd directory on each of the remote machines?  Also, what should be the permissions on /var/spool and /var/spool/lpd?  Thanks,

Tried this too but also getting the same problems.   Please help!
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