For Madshi - NetAddConnection Question

This is an attempt to get both you and NigelTodd points for helping answer my question.

How can I dynamically map a drive to a Network Server in Delphi 3 without requiring multiple calls to a Batch file containing the Net Use M: command?

I am writing a program that has to retrieve data from a database that resides locally on 46 Network Servers.  The database is located in the same folder and has an identical name on each of the 46 Network Servers.  I kind of know how to solve this problem with the Batch file approach but would rather avoid pulling a DOS/Command window up 46 times each time the program is run.

Thanks again for your help.
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blakecAuthor Commented:
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Thank you for the points...   :-)

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blakecAuthor Commented:
I will probably be needing quite a bit more help in the future because most of what I'm doing is way past what I've seen in the past.  Thanks for being so punctual in your responses.  

You have saved me a great deal of time and stress Madshi!!!

Regards, Blake
Well, I'm happy that I could help you...   :-)
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